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Sorry for the late updates.

Buck-Tick is now official participating in one of the relief effort donation campaigns, as detailed in an announcement that went up on their home page on Friday, March 18th.

"What Can We Do?
We, at the Buck-Tick mobile site LOVE & MEDIA Portable, are participating in an emergency collection fund for victims of the Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake Disaster.

All the proceeds from downloads of the newest mobile graphics will be donated to the Japan Red Cross relief fund. Even customers who are not registered as members can participate (under some circumstances, Docomo customers may be require to register in order to participate.)
Let's try to do a little something for the victims and refugees.

We hope you all help us send them our heartfelt support.

For details, use the QU code at right, or visit http://bt-m.tpm.jp


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  1. I've said it before so I'll say it again, it's okay if you're a little late updating. No-one blames you or anything.
    I really really wish I could participate in this and buy the backgrounds... The catch is that I don't have a cell phone. =(
    Take care of yourself, and thanks for the news and translations.


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