Another Reason to Join Fish Tank

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Fish Tank, Buck-Tick will be releasing not one but TWO, count 'em TWO, new Fish Tanker's Only live DVDs.

For those of you who enjoyed the clips circulating around the internet for a while of that stunning performance of "Lion" from the Fish Tanker's Only 2006 tour, now you get to see the whole show. The first DVD will be a release of Fish Tanker's Only Tour 2006 show held at Zepp Tokyo on September 3rd, 2006.

Set List:
1. Theme of B-T
2. Empty Girl
3. ...In Heaven...
4. Angelic Conversation
5. Gesshoku
6. Cabaret
8. Passion
9. Sid Vicious on the Beach
10. Madman Blues
11. LION
12. Miu
13. Cyborg Dolly:Soramimi:PHANTOM
14. Candy
15. MAD
16. Ash-ra
17. Nocturne Rain Song
19. Flame
20. Muma -The Nightmare-
22. Utsusemi
23. Kagerou
25. Love Me

Yes, you get your 13kai fix, fangirls. And if you think this is just about an ideal set list for a BUCK-TICK concert, then you agree with Cayce completely. And savor the video of "Utsusemi," because it's just as likely as not that they will never perform the damn song live again.

The second DVD will contain all the songs performed at the Fish Tanker's Only Tour 2009 show held at Zepp Tokyo on October 12th, 2009.

Set List:
1. Love and Death
2. Memento Mori
3. Les Enfants Terribles
4. Suzumebachi
5. Montage
6. MOTEL 13
7. Umbrella
8. Coyote
9. Kirameki no naka de
10. Lullaby III
11. Limbo
12. Jonathan Jet-Coaster
13. Katte ni Shiyagare
14. Tenshi wa Dare da
16. Makka na Yoru
18. Empty Girl
19. Just One More Kiss
20. Alice in Wonder Underground
21. Revolver
22. Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete

If you wish that every time Buck-Tick played "Kirameki no naka de" and "LIMBO" at a live show, they would play both songs twice instead of playing Muma or Aku no Hana even once, then you agree with Cayce completely.

But, if you want this DVD, you have to wait till Christmas: both DVDs will be released on the 24th of December. The regular edition of each will cost 5250 yen, and the limited edition will cost 7350 yen and include a 100 page photobook (I assume different for each DVD) and a special box emblazoned with your very own IRL name and Fish Tank member's number. Read: if you think you are going to be smart and make money off non-Fish Tank fans by ordering a crapload of these and then reselling them on Yahoo Japan Auctions at a markup, you are going to have to be okay with having your buyers own a DVD that has your real name and club number on it. Or you could, you know, just sell the DVDs without the slipcase, at a discount markup. But if you pre-order the limited edition of both DVDs, they'll send you a Fish Tank 15th Anniversary tote bag, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

But, the fine print: to get all of this, first you have to have joined Fish Tank by October 23rd. And since so many people seem to be asking, a few words on joining Fish Tank:

They only accept cash yen. Yes, you have to send cash to Japan via registered mail if you want to join Fish Tank. That means putting cash in an envelope in the mail. My advice: don't write "To unscrupulous postal workers: this envelope has CA$H in it" on the envelope.

All their materials are in Japanese. They will send you extra information on special procedures for overseas members. These will also only be in Japanese.

The photos in the Fish Tank newsletter are few and far between, also small and pixelated. But a fangirl's gotta squee when a fangirl's gotta squee.

At least half of the photos in a typical Fish Tank newsletter feature fans, not band members.

Yes, being in Fish Tank does get you better tickets, but you won't necessarily get good tickets just by being in Fish Tank, in fact you are likely to get a lot of crap (read: you might be able to see the band members if you had binoculars) tickets. However if you are not in Fish Tank you are guaranteed to get crap tickets every time.

You can order items from the Fish Tank only section of the Buck-Tick web shop even if you are an overseas member of Fish Tank, however, it involves sending cash yen in the mail. Also, right now the exchange rate for the yen is sky high, which means all of y'all overseas fans will see that money shrink in the wash, and how.

If you live overseas, do not read Japanese, and do not plan to come to Japan to see Buck-Tick live, being in Fish Tank is not usually worth the money and hassle, in my opinion. The single biggest benefit it offers is getting priority for concert ticket reservations. However, when these DVDs come out, it does tend to sway the cost-benefit ratio. Which is, of course, why they release fan club only DVDs: to get more people to spend the money to join the fan club. But Buck-Tick ain't rich, they need your moneyz. So buy them sexy DVDs.

Or alternatively, if you want to buy them sexy DVDs but don't want to join Fish Tank, Cayce will be happy to sell them to you slipcase-free at a discount markup, let's say 10000 yen per DVD, shipping included. Or you could just send Cayce cash yen because you can't get enough of sending cash in the mail.


  1. It seems they the band really does something special for fans. The fish tank concept is a very smart idea.

    Also Cayce, thanks for this post.

  2. I might not have noticed due to the state of hyperventilation I'm going through, but did they mention when the DVD's are available for pre-order?
    Thanks a lot Cayce, I'm too thrilled for the set-lists especially Utsusemi.

  3. I am giggling to myself right now bc I am so happy. :) OMG!!! Like this is so awesome and I am going to join FT just bc...of these two DVDs. Call me what you may but heck I am there...sign me up.

  4. I won't be joining FT anytime soon, but damn, that set-list just sent my heart racing. I'll just have to pray that someone generous uploads the performances of Miu, Utsusemi, Cabaret, Nocturn and Flame on Youtube. And LIMBO. Gawd. *wants*

    Ahem. Anyway. It's great to see you blogging again, Cayce.

  5. I want to join so dang bad .____. (Doesnt know how to get the Yen)

  6. Well, I recently bought stuff from the online shop using a credit card, so cash yen isn't needed for that anymore. Exchange rate still does suck, though....

    And when I won tickets from them I got excellent seats for five (or was it six, I forgot...) shows in a row. Got third row for my first night, too. Too bad I still had jet lag. Night's kinda hazy. :)

    So, FT isn't a bad thing to join if you plan to actually use the benefits. ^__^ Granted, most of those benefits (or all, really) involve money... :(

  7. I actually joined Fish Tank a few years ago but let my subscription expire after one year. I really wanted to keep in it, but it's a little expensive. Now I really want to join again though... I wonder, is there a form I could fill out where I just re-subscribe instead of get a new membership? (or do you know of such a thing?)

    Also, I thought on the FT website there was an option now to use a credit card? It's been a while--maybe it was just wishful thinking.

    And @ Sept. 18th Anonymous person: you can convert your dollars to yen at a relatively large bank that does international stuff. I did this years ago, and I was so devout that even back then when I couldn't read a lick of Japanese, I still -somehow- made it work. So I'm sure you can, too! :D

    ...And then I recieved my first fan-zine exactly on the day of my birthday and it came with a little B-day card. The timing was purely coincidental, but yeah... wishful thinking. XD


    Guys: What's a Buck-Tick?

    Other guys: A what's dick?

  8. If you let your Fish Tank membership expire, you have to apply for a new membership, pay the new membership fee again, and you will get a new Fish Tank members card with a new ID number.

    As for tickets, sometimes you will be lucky and get good ones, but not always. However, Fish Tank has pretty much all the good tickets so any tickets you get not through Fish Tank are pretty much guaranteed to be bad seats.

    If any of you guys want these DVDs but don't want to join Fish Tank to get them, I'll reserve them for you but you won't get a slipcase :P

  9. Hi Cayce, I live in Brazil and would like to discuss with you a bit about these DVDs...

  10. Actually I've ordered 5 orders from the old and now the new shop...and as an overseas fan haven't had to send them cash in the mail for those orders..its all credit card. The only time I send them cash is to renew my FT membership.

  11. Hi, Cayce!
    I'm from Russia %)).I want to join Fish Tank. But how can I do it?? Please answer me. And I plan to come to Japan to see Buck-Tick live! They are my desease over 15 years (almost 20).

  12. Hi Cayce, good to see you online again, your tell-it-straight style never fail to make me smile :) I have just recently sent off cash in the mail to join FT from the UK and have my fingers crossed they will receive it safely. This is solely because I intend to see B-T live next time they tour and I had already been told that it was the only way to get decent seats. I understand you can pay for the tickets with credit cards these days though - just not the membership for some no doubt dodgy reason :)

  13. Hello!
    I have a stupid question whose answer should be simple!
    how could I ask someone if he wants to talk to me of an application control possible?
    I call it from your last paragraph: "However Alternatively, if you want to buy 'em sexy DVDs but do not want to join Fish Tank, Cayce Will be happy to sell' em to you slipcase-free at a discount markup, let's say 10,000 yen per DVD, shipping included. Or You Could Just send cash Cayce yen Because You can not get enough of Sending cash in the mail. "

    because I am in exactly the scenario
    I am unable to register on fish tank!
    thank you very much! sorry I upset!
    and good luck for the future!


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