Gekka Reijin subtitled video!

I don't know who made this video, but whoever you are, thank you for using my translation! It makes me so happy to see it on the subtitles! Only next time, send me an email and let me know!

For future reference: anyone is welcome to use my lyric translations to make subbed YouTube videos. All I ask is that you credit me and link back to Not Greatest Site and/or Blog-Tick. However, I have now completed an all-new set of translations of Buck-Tick's entire discography, and I think the new translations are more accurate and have more style. They will be on the web soon (you thought I wasn't working but actually, I was), so if any of you out there are planning on making another subtitled video soon, please please please email me and ask for the new translation instead of just using the old one. Thank you!

FYI: Cayce's email is themadaristocrat [at] gmail. Not writing out the at-mark confuses the spambots so substitute the correct symbology accordingly.


  1. You know, just a few days ago, I internet-bitch-slapped the administrator on a Facebook BT fanpage for posting your English translation without crediting you.

    And of course, I knew right away it was your translation--take it as a compliment or a reason to fear me; the choice is yours.

    Aaand, their excuse was "this is just the translation I found all over the internet..."

    At least you're the internet's offical "BT Translator!" That's got to count for something, right?

  2. Thank you for defending my translator's honor on Facebook, ahaha! I promise I will get my new translations online soon.

  3. I love your translations Cayce and I really appreciate all the amazing work you've done. There are a few people on fb and lj though that bash your translations and say they are full of mistakes and totally inaccurate. :( I speak Japanese well enough to know your work is excellent so I'm like...wtf? I thought I should let you know.

  4. @ Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your support. What a lot of student translators don't realize is that oftentimes a literal, word-for-word translation isn't actually "correct" with regard to the intention of the original writer, the connotations of meaning and the emotional tone. My translations are not word-for-word literal, but I have done my utmost to write a translation that sounds to English speakers the way the original Japanese version sounded to Japanese speakers. However, people who are still at an intermediate level of Japanese studies may misunderstand me and think my translations are inaccurate.

    Also I know some fans have been upset by some of the things Sakurai writes about in songs like "Heroin," "Trigger," and "Katte ni Shiyagare"...but well, he wrote those songs, not me.

  5. Cayce, does that mean your gonna update Not Greatest site? Or are you gonna post them here?

  6. Etto... I'm launching a translation page in french, based on your translations (I translate them from english to french, hope I do it well n.n" ) but since I saw your excitement, I tought that I could do the english versions as well, I've already send you an e-mail hope you can check it soon, and if you give me permission, I will post the english versions of the videos as well.
    And thank you very much, as always, for allowing to this girl crazy for Atshi-sama go on with her like for such a long time, because witouth the translations, I guess That couldn't have been possible, and I could have never really get to see the deephts of his lyrics, so thanks!
    ja nee! /))))))

  7. I'm launching a new site of translations to french (based on you translations to english, hope I do tit well n.n") and as I saw your excitement I tought I could make the english versions as well,I will post them with your permission, I've already send you a mail, hope you can answer me soon, and as always thanks for allowing a crazy fan of Acchan go on with her obsession for such a long time :P by giving me a way of understanding the lyrics.
    jaa nee! /))))))


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