Buck-Tick Debut 25th Anniversary

Congratulations, Buck-Tick, and sorry I didn't get around to posting this until now--my power was out and the wind was shaking my building at about a JMA seismic intensity level 3. But now I find, all that storming was just in honor of the fact that this September 21st, amid the driving rain and raging winds of Typhoon Roke (whooo!) you guys get to celebrate 25 years (oh lord) since your major label debut on September 21st, 1987! That's a big fat quarter-century, right there. Talk about a brilliant future for future.

Only, I wonder...since babies born on September 21st, 1987 are turning 24 this year, how exactly are they counting this anniversary as being the 25th anniversary? Was the day Buck-Tick went major also their first anniversary? I have heard loads of people on the internet talk about how numbers are different in Japan, and I know everything you read on the internet is true, but Japanese babies born September 21st, 1987 are also turning 24 today, so I dunno, you tell me.

Anyhow, the question at this point is, how can Buck-Tick's promo manager use the 25th anniversary as an excuse to make you spend money on glossy airbrushed photos of Imai when in fact, free, non-glossy non-airbrushed photos would be a whole lot better? Unfortunately, the answer to this question remains a mystery. The band's web managers have launched a special website to celebrate the 25th anniversary and they promise "one big epic announcement" on this website exactly a month from now, on October 21st. The website also features a mysterious counter, involving the number 66 emerging coyly from the forest of a young Yagami Toll's stick-straight hair. Does it mean there are 66 days left until the Buck-Tick Phenomenon explodes again? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, you can register for their new 25th-anniversary mail magazine. Literally all you have to enter is your email address. If you do this and then end up with a mailbox full of spam, well, just think to yourself that that spam came from Buck-Tick, and smile.

And if Typhoon Roke decides to turn rogue and head your way next, get your ass out into that rain and wind and start singing "Shipuu no Blade Runner" at the top of your lungs, because what's a little water, anyway?

Edit: Buck-Tick's web management appear to have revised the 25th Anniversary special site so that the "3" part of "365" is no longer hidden in Toll's hair. Good one guys. I guess it really is a year away...here's hoping they tear up Minato Mirai again with another huge outdoor festival.


  1. Oh gawds, let's start a rumour that their big announcement is that they're going to tour overseas!! *prays* : ) Congratulations BT. Viva BT!
    Sorry to hear you all are getting more wallops from Mother Nature. Hang tight Japan!! Surely the next season will shift to a brighter one.

  2. Wait, I'm confused. It looks like on the info part of the page their "debut" is next year in 2012... and I'm thinking the "366" means "365 days + 1 for the leap year next year". So it's counting down to that, right...? One year from now?

    So maybe it's just like a congratulations on having just one year left? And welcoming the not-so-distant anniversary?

  3. oh hey, it's actually 365 days... so not 66...so it's a year from now.

  4. They are just teasing us! xD First, preparation to the celebration in 2012 and then the whole year of celebration the 25th anniversary!!!!
    ``Bliss!!! \(*^.^*)/

  5. hey like said in the first comment, B-T willa have a WORDL TOUR, it will be wonderfull if they do that!!!


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