Miss Take

To set the record straight.

Buck-Tick's "huge announcement" on NicoNico last night was that they are releasing another maxi-single this summer, in addition to "Eriize no Tame ni." This second single will be released on July 4th and will be entitled "Miss Take ~boku wa misu teiku~", meaning "Miss Take ~I'm a miss take~". This title is a pun, of course, on the English word "mistake," and the English phrase "mis-take," (as in, if they messed up in the studio while recording their single and had to do another take, the first take would be a mis-take.) The third element of the pun is Imai's idea that there might be a lady out there named Little Miss Take. How do I know it's Imai? I don't, not for sure, but I bet you guys five sets of Dokudanjou voodoo dolls that this one is Imai's doing. And FYI this pun has nothing to do with mystics or mysticals or mysteries or Japanese honorifics. Only with Imai Miss Spelling English words.

Anyhow, Miss Take will also come in two editions, a regular edition with no cool shit and a limited edition with a special package, and two discs. The first disc will contain three songs: "Miss Take," "Only You," and "My Baby Japanese -type II-". The second disc will be a DVD featuring the PV for Miss Take. AND it includes a photobook full of pictures of Toll looking awesome.

In other news, the track list has been announced for the live CD that will be included with the limited edition of "Eriize no tame ni." Recorded during the 2011 DIQ at Zepp Sendai, the CD will include the following songs:

1. Theme of B-T
2. Hurry Up Mode
3. Jupiter
4. Sakura
5. Baby, I want you
6. Alice in Wonder Underground
7. Dokudanjou Beauty


As if that weren't enough, the really special announcement is that if you buy both these singles (limited or regular edition, it doesn't matter), you can send in the pair of coupons, one from each single, to enter a lottery for a chance to witness Buck-Tick's first ever PV filming open to the public.

Does this mean that if you win, your little Dokudanjou Beauty self will be featured as the star of the video, grinding your little mystical buns all over Toll's firm drumsticks? I have no proof, but I do have a strong suspicion that it doesn't. In all likelihood the PV filming will involve one of two scenarios: a group of fans stand behind a railing and squee their hearts out while Buck-Tick films a PV in a soundstage, or more likely, the PV will be filmed in a concert setting, in an intimate venue, and the lucky lottery winners will be the audience. Will the winners get to meet the band? Who knows, but frankly, I doubt it. So remember that before you spend your life's savings buying a zillion copies of each single. Just sayin'.

But if you want to buy a zillion copies of the mistake single just so that you can have a zillion CDs containing a re-recorded version of "My Baby Japanese," please email me so I don't feel so alone.


  1. "My Baby Japanese -type II-"

    Well now, color me intrigued...

  2. Im wondering what they will do with My Baby Japanese. Structure wise, they should remove those synth riffs after the verses (at least, near the end). Those parts get tiresome after hearing it for the 4th time in the song, and they make the song lose its pace. Other then that, more industrial guitar (new riffs, maybe a solo in the middle where you now hear some random synth sounds), they should keep the rough style, the synthsizers and obviously the voice filter. Sakurai's voice is great. Also, nice to hear they are rerecording suchs songs. Sane was a great choice, but My Baby Japanese is a great choice too. And other then that, im interested in the new album and single :)

  3. Yep, got the LE pre-ordered. The only thing better than one B-T single is two. :)

    You're probably right on the money with that being an Imai song, btw.

  4. I think it's very interesting what they r doing bc it's their own label now so they can do whatever they want. I love it. Good for them. I hope they r having fun and finally enjoying their life and success as they should. They deserve it. Ganbatte

  5. Already ordered 'Elise no tame ni',but Miss-take bonuses killed me.Is there any place You can order it now !?

    And yes, I'm going to send my coupons,maybe one not milion, but will wish it's this one of a million :3

  6. So unlike the Heaven and Galaxy ticket lottery..overseas fans might have a chance at this contest?

  7. @ cheesus69 - no way of telling that till they release the details.

    @ aisasaint - you don't need to preorder this yet, it won't be released for another three months.

  8. Great news really but i think the overseas fans like me dont have any chance of participate in the new pv, in the internet are doing things to raise awareness that they have fans in other continents. I hope they can do a wordl tour! :D

    btw i like the blog its awesome case

  9. Umm...now that the PV for this is out. What does the symbols on her palms mean? I know one is lira, and the other...a vertical fish with two horizontal lines...

    I couldn't figure it out. You're really good at this kinda stuff Cayce, what's your take on the symbols?

    Alchemic? *head scratch*

  10. @ Sam - I have yet to see a posting of the full PV, only a 1:41 minute clip of it, and it's kind of hard to see the symbols. Just as I prefer not to translate lyrics until I've seen the album booklet, I'm going to hold off judgment on the PV till I've seen the whole thing a few times.


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