Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

Looks like Zepp DiverCity is actually a new Zepp Tokyo that just opened, a few hundred meters away from the original Zepp Tokyo. I guess now we know that Zepp brand live houses reproduce through parthenogenesis. DiverCity is slightly bigger, and slightly farther away from the nearest train station.

I'm kind of tempted to hate on this new upstart of a venue, just because it doesn't have a Ferris wheel built on top of it. I mean, come on.

Sorry for being too lazy to look this up until now, so sue me. It must mean I'm getting old.

Also I see from Blogger.com's statistics monitor that Blog-Tick readers are much more interested in reading about Acchan-chan's nickname than about the details of Buck-Tick's new single. Clearly you have all your priorities right in line.


  1. No ferris wheel? A travesty XD
    Cayce, you never cease to amuse. Rarely have I enjoyed a sarcastic scolding. Although the article was great, to me personally there wasn't anything of which I was not already aware. But, I can see why it would be popular with newer fans.

    Also, I'm dying from waiting for the new single! So much exciting news from BT so far this year I can only lament the fact that I *still* can't afford to see them in concert. As such, I will continue to depend on you. Thanks!

  2. Getting a bit worried about this new venue.
    Maybe just get used to the existing Zepp Tokyo.

    oh, missing a Ferris Wheel but we'll find a 1:1 Gundum figure stands outside the DiverCity~ Maybe you'll love it! ^^

  3. BUT IT HAS A GUNDAM! Well, almost.

    And hey, I think it's less specifically about Acchan-san-sama-kun's nickname, and more the fact that you write fine copy about a subject that people are interested in (Japanese language and etiquette).

  4. That is does have a Gundam, and here I was thinking they'd never bring that Gundam back (it was exhibited in more or less the same spot in summer of 2009.) Now we can just imagine that the Stream of Starlight has transformed into a giant metal monster with which the Gundam can do battle, and we'll see who the REAL Zepp Tokyo is.

    @soju/sake - I hope you get the chance to see BT live in concert someday. I promise NGS will publish live reports of the coming tour.


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