Buck-Tick: The First Movie

We are pleased to announce that our review of Buck-Tick: The First Movie is now up over on Not Greatest Site!  We hope you'll applaud our industriousness at making it happen so fast!  Please leave your comments here.

For those of you who are in Japan, a few notes on the logistics of the movie-going:

1) Not to encourage the consumption of alcohol by fans or anything, but there's a bar at the movie theater.

2) The movie times are displayed on the web pages of the individual movie theaters.  Each movie is only running for two weeks, so take care you don't miss them!  The second movie opens this coming Saturday.

3) If you bought advance tickets, either through Pia or Fish Tank, you need to physically go to the movie theater in advance of the movie and exchange them for a same-day ticket with a seat reservation for a specific time.  I have a feeling the theaters won't be so full during the weekdays, in the mornings, especially, but for weekend showings, if you don't go at least a day in advance, I think you're going to run the risk of either having to sit way down front or not getting a seat at all.

4) The schedule for Buck-Tick 2: Can't Stop the Phenomenon has not been announced yet. Buck-Tick: The First Movie is showing in theater 9 at Shinjuku Wald9 all week at 11AM and 6:30PM. We saw it in theater 6.  Get it guys?

5) Not to encourage the fans to consume alcohol, but there's a bar at the theater that serves green cream soda chu-hi.  (Actually not really.  But they do have all kinds of other boozes.  In their pain boozy style.  Not to encourage fans to go to pot boozy night.  But, y'know.)





  1. So just to be clear... there is definitely booze?

  2. Thank you very much for your generous review as always Cayce :) For some reason, I'm so glad to hear that the movie is "more of a stoner art film" I just am.

  3. To be honest, I don´t know why they had to split the film into two parts. Those one and a half hours passed by so quickly!

    On the one hand, I was hoping to see a film that is objective and shows a lot of the recording process, aswel as backstage footage.
    On the other hand I was also hoping to see more footage from Toll´s birthday party and probably more funny scenes. If they don´t show at least 5 freaking seconds of that performence with Issay in the second part, I want half of my money back! :p
    Sometimes I also thought that the scenes were quite random,like pieced together with Movie Maker, and that the film didn´t really have a direction. It´s probably good that there was no grossed music in the film and no cheesy narrator, but I think it would have needed something to keep it moving.
    By the way, I was surprised you didn´t mention the human domino scenes. Now I understand. God, that was indeed creepy!

  4. @ Juli - They had to split the film into two parts because a 3 or 3.5 hour film would be way too long. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high about Toll's birthday party, either. Disappointing perhaps, but I'm not sure that's something they want to share. Like I said in my review, the movie overall seemed more aimed at music nerds and less aimed at overly emotional fangirls. Personally I really enjoyed the slow pace but I'm sure there are fans who didn't.

    I didn't spoil the human domino thing because I can't spoil everything! Plus, it was in my article on the Parade Tour.


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