Copy Right

In case you're deep in a period of unbearable Buck-Tick withdrawal and just can't take it, I give you, the best Buck-Tick copyband YouTube channel of all time (these guys ought to pay me for giving them this promotion.)  Of course it's nowhere near as good as the real thing, but you know...you could think of it as a sort of blow-up doll.

View Here.


  1. Is it just me or does that fake Sakurai have a voice that is kind of similar to the one of the real Sakurai? =o
    They are awesome in one single thing: impersonation. Gotta hand it to them!^^

  2. @ Juli - He does have a similar timbre of voice. However while he's good at superficial imitations of costumes and movements, he doesn't really capture the gut feeling at all, in my opinion.

  3. Well it is a good impersonation. The vocalist doesnt only dress the exact same way but also acts like Sakurai. And all of his movements are straight copied, with insane precision. Its a nice band if you want to hear and see buck-tick (because its so similar to the real thing) but because of that, they offer nothing original or nothing authentic.

  4. @ Angeltears - Do you really think all that a "good impersonation" requires is copying costumes and movements exactly? The emotional content is totally gone.

  5. So am I to assume these guys only perform in Japan? That's sorta weird to me since copy bands of western acts tend to only exist in places where the original band doesn't perform (mostly South America and Eastern Europe). The only time they ever tour in the home country of the band they're emulating is when the original band is no longer touring. Unless these guys only play on the outskirts of the country where Buck-Tick never treads, I really don't see why anyone would ever go see them.

    Also: OMG look at the guy trying to be Hide! Its like Hide drank a potion and got horribly mutated into a fat old man in a wig.

    1. I don't know where you live, Lawrence, but I can assure you that the professional copy/tribute band scene of all kinds of bands both current and past is alive and well in the UK at least. Granted they're usually playing at small venues in the provinces, but since the UK ain't that big, nothing really counts as the outskirts of the country.

      This is as distinct from cover bands of course, which are an entirely different thing but also exist (it's a rare band that doesn't start out playing covers, after all - Buck-Tick included)!

  6. I AM deep in a period of unbearable Buck-Tick withdrawal, but this only makes it worse *sniff*

  7. @ Lawrence - If you thought these guys were professionals, you thought right...professional fanboys, I mean! This is just a hobby for them and they live in Tokyo, so I doubt you'll be seeing them in Tottori prefecture or anything any time soon. As to why they play...have you ever tried cosplaying Sakurai, singing in a Buck-Tick copyband, and then picking up chicks?

    Nb. Hide isn't the fat one, Hide's the skinny one, and actually he's the only one not cosplaying.


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