News news news!

Three bits of news.

1) Yagami Toll will be playing an "Its a Now +1" birthday tour of Osaka and Tokyo, around, but not on, his birthday.  The rest of Buck-Tick will not be joining him onstage.  He will instead be joined by the members of the New Blue Sky.  No word on other bands yet.  So tell me, can you dig a hole?

2) A live DVD of the Cosmic Dreamer Fish Tanker's Only 2013 show held at Tokyo Dome City Hall on March 2nd will be released on October 18th.  The limited edition will include a special slipcase printed with your name and fish tank ID number, two live CDs, and a photobook with pictures taken by the Hubble telescope, in addition to the actual DVD.  The limited edition can be preordered up until August 9th.  This DVD is only available for purchase to members of the fan club.  Note: this live DVD contains the first-ever public footage of Buck-Tick playing "My Baby Japanese" live.

3) A Tour in Question will be coming to the Noble Northerners of the Fallout Zones this December, hitting Sendai, Miyagi; Morioka, Iwate; and Kooriyama, Fukushima, before finally arriving at the Nippon Budoukan on December 29th.  Radioactivity is in the air for you and me.  Note: it's highly unlikely that a day spent at a Buck-Tick concert in Fukushima will shorten your lifespan by a statistically significant amount.  The tickets for this tour are not yet onsale so you have a while to decide.

You heard it here first.

If you got the hole joke, please comment, dammit.


  1. Re. the tour. Good for them. I'd absolutely go to some or all of those gigs if I could make it to Japan. One day I'll make it to a DIQ, but for now I think I might have to settle for the Fish Tank DVD.

  2. I didn´t get the joke, they are always too sophisticated! ^.^
    Holy crap! Another tour? Doesn´t there have to be an album first? Anyway, if that´s the case,I have to think about attending it.

  3. Lol ordered FT2013 dvd this morning. Very excited. Wished I knew the song list

    1. If you haven't seen it already, the setlist is here: http://buck-tick.com/fanclub/fanclub.html

  4. Right after my trip to Japan gets cancelled, I find out that Buck-Tick are planning a tour for the exact time that I would have been in the area. I would have hit that Sendai show so hard.

  5. The hole joke? Yagami Toll&The Blue Sky released a song named Hole, didn't they? And it was like: So, can you dig a HOLE? Are you tired?


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