Buck-Tick meets Abingdon Boys School: A Translation

"Countdown TV festival 2012."

 "Please welcome, BUCK-TICK!"

"...and also, Abingdon Boys School."

"...you may have noticed that Takanori is wearing no pants."

Takanori: As you may have noticed, I'm not wearing pants.

Flower Girls: "Zomg squee, there are like no bright colors on this stage!"

Takanori: "You have that right, my darlings. Our masks are dark and heavy!"

"....isn't that right Acchan-sama?"

Takanori: "We are not moe at all, I fear."

"But we're also not scary, so don't fear us!"

"Acchan-sama is not a bad man!"

"I repeat, he's not a bad man!"

"Really he's rather a good man"

"Or should I say, a fine man"

"Meaning, a fine specimen of a man!"

Takanori: "I repeat, do these look like bad guys to you?"

"They are not bad guys."

"Girlfriend, just look at Imai's cute smile."

"Cute, I tell you."

"It's all fabulous, right Acchan-chan?"

Sakurai: "Yeah, it's fabulous."

Takanori: "Like totally fabulous."

Takanori: "This is awesome."

"I wanna touch myself."

"And you may remember that I'm not wearing pants."


"Hiiiiiii guys!!! We just switched emcees for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON."

"My name is Becky."

"Pleased ta meetcha."

"Let's welcome BUCK-TICK again, just because we can!"

"And this rando who just showed up, CHARA!"

"We luv your hair Chara.  Like totes for realz."

"And these emo boys!!!"

Emo Boys: "Hi, we are Emo Boys."

Becky: "Now let's welcome Abingdon Boys School again, too!"

Takanori: "As you may remember, I'm not wearing pants."

Becky: "Takanori isn't wearing pants!!!"

"But to continue on..."

"...with our program..."

"...Buck-Tick and Chara together, this is legendary!"

"Like really!"

"Like who would have guessed this would ever happen?"

"Like, it's enough to make your pants fall off!"




Takanori: "Actually, my pants fell off!"

"But why do you make me keep talking, anyway?

"So there won't be an accident???"

Becky: "No way, nothing like that!"

Takanori: "Anyhoo, this is my first time meeting Chara."

"Pleased to meet you Chara!"

"I'm super excited to meet you!"

Chara: "O RLY??????"

Takanori: "YA RLY! Chara was totally on the same label as me. She's my senpai!"

Sakurai: "Senpai lol."

Takanori: "Really, Acchan-chan, a lot has happened to me in my life!!!!"

"...moving on."




Becky: "Who the fuck are you and when did you show up?"

"...nice hat."

Hat Girl: "Thnx guyz."

Becky: "...'kay Takanori, now why don't you tell us all a bit more..."

"...about just how FABULOUS Buck-Tick-sama is."

Takanori: "WHY ME?"



Becky: "Cuz you love it."


"Well, uh, I mean...Buck-Tick"

"The fabulousness of Buck-Tick..."

"Their timing..."

"...of their debut..."

"...it really hit the spot..."

"...it was just so stimulating to me!"

"...as a young boy."

Sakurai: "....Thank you."



Becky: "Okay Buck-Tick."

"Now we want you to show us your best shot."

"Of your bottoms, that is."




Becky: "Here it is!"




"The best of Buck-Tick's Bottoms, 2012~!"


"Look at this!"

"It says, 'We can't show your our privates, U DIG?'"

"What's with this 'U DIG' bit eh????"

"Why won't you show us???"



Sakurai: "You wouldn't enjoy it if we did."


Becky: "But we wanna know, right girls?"

*nod nod*

"Show 'em to us."

Sakurai: "But like, we're almost mostly all nude."


Takanori: "Acchan, that wasn't fair, there's nothing left to say to that remark."


Becky: "Anyhow, we want to ask about privates."


"Please tell us, what are you normally doing at midnight on Saturday night?"


Sakurai: *whisper giggle*




Takanori: "....."

"I may be on the scene, but I'm really just an outside observer."

"Imai never answers questions."

"Let's ask Imai."

Imai: "Uh....midnight?"

"...on Saturday?"

"Yes, that's right."


"....I'm watching TV."















  1. Sounds like a fun interview! Where can I find the video? (I need to practice my Japanese...)

    1. I do not recommend this video for Japanese practice.


      Also, my translation was not, strictly speaking, "accurate."

    2. https://vk.com/videos382255536?z=video-23423347_163591680%2Fpl_382255536_-2

      bt its japanese and you need to make an account.

    3. OMG, thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to see it forever!

  2. I watched that interview like 20 times, but Takanori is such a blabbering fanboy,lol.
    I couldn´t understand much of what he said.
    Anyway, I don´t get why Buck-Tick agreed to appear in this lollipop-show in the first place...on top of that with Takanori on their side! They didn´t seem to be very pleased...
    And I really think that Chara is an arrogant bimbo.

    I was wondering if you ever make a spoof about this interview, so thanks that you did :p. It´s awesome!

    1. The translation is not literally accurate, but it's more accurate than you might expect. Being on a lollipop show is good publicity for BT, and Sakurai certainly seemed amused.

      I don't see what basis you have for calling Chara an arrogant bimbo based on this program. Let's avoid knee-jerk hostility towards female performers.

  3. Ha.

    That was painful...

  4. It wouldn´t be funny if you changed everything on the interview. But the dialogs you changed were fun to read!:p Though I think you left some stuff out, or not?
    Well, sorry then.^^ I still think that Chara is arrogant, but I shouldn´t have prejudices about people and comment when being angry. True.
    ~I confess my grave mistake~

    1. Are you sure you're not just jealous that Chara's on the teletubby with Acchan-chan and you're not? :P

  5. I see that Takanori came dressed for the occasion.

    (The occasion being the chance to sit next to Mr Sakurai. Without pants).

  6. Please, clearly not. There were dozens of female interviewers who were sitting way closer to Sakurai than Chara and I thought they were really sympathetic!^^
    The one most of us seem to be a little bit jealous of is Taka-chan.
    But he is so obvious about being an Acchan-fanboy, I can´t be mad at him because watching him and Sakurai is simply damn hilarious ;D.

    1. Better check your internalized misogyny then. Chara not being all giggly doesn't mean she's 'an arrogant bimbo'.

      Cayce thanks so much for this. Imai is literal perfection.

    2. Misogyny? I´m female, you know.

    3. "Internalized misogyny" = women displaying misogynistic attitudes, due to having absorbed them from being surrounded by patriarchal culture for too long.

      I wasn't going to join in this thread anymore, but to stave off an argument: since Chara basically didn't do or say anything at all in the entire interview, calling her an "arrogant bimbo" is baseless and unwarranted, unless you've seen her do/say something demonstrably arrogant somewhere else.

      "Bimbo" (meaning a shallow, vapid woman valuable mainly for her sex appeal) is a sexist word, because it's often applied to women who are pretty to look at, in order to discount their intelligence. "Arrogant," on the other hand, is not an inherently sexist term, but it is often used with sexist intentions to describe women who display give-no-shits confidence.

      The problem here is a double standard. Good-looking men aren't assumed to be stupid just because they're handsome, but beautiful women get called bimbos. Men with give-no-shits confidence are looked up to and admired, while women with similar qualities get described as arrogant bitches.

      This is especially true in the music industry. If you, as a woman, wish it weren't true, then you shouldn't contribute to the problem by using gendered insults. If you want to criticize Chara, criticize the substance of something she's actually said or done, as you would if you were criticizing a male artist.

      More generally, I have also noticed that a certain subset of female visual kei fans tend to be very dismissive of the work of female artists (I like to call it the "I hate female vocalists" syndrome). It guess it just goes to show that they're more interested in being fangirls of pretty boys than they are in intelligently listening to good music, but even so, I think it's a shame. It seems to me that women who appreciate music should try to support women who make music.

    4. Okay,okay. I apologized already. I simply had a damn bad day for reasons I won´t write here and that´s it.
      I know that my comment on Chara wasn´t nice, hope we can all calm down again and enjoy this site. Thanks^^.

      To make things clear:
      I do support women who produce good music and I don´t appreciate it at all if male artist are arrogant and snooty.
      Also, being a fangirl of pretty boys is okay as long as they produce good music.
      Chara might be an awesome musician, but to me, she came across as unsympathetic in the extreme, just by sitting there. It doesn´t have to do anything with gender.

      I hope that with these words, this issue is finished.

  7. This is very great!
    Thank you a lot!!

  8. I know I'm extremely late to the party but I figured I'd try anyway. Would you happen to know if there's a mirror for this video (it's gone from youtube) or possibly the Japanese name for this show so I could google my way to it?
    Thanks in advance!


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