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I've picked up some new items!  These aren't in Disk Union or any other store, they're already in stock in Chez NGS.  Therefore, if you wish to purchase any of them, I can ship them right away.  Soft Ballet fanboys take note...I have a significant portion of the Soft Ballet discography on offer right now, including the first press version of Earth Born. Buck-Tick fangirls...I have the first press of the Kagerou single, which includes a DVD with the PV.  I also have the first press edition of Memento Mori, which, in addition to absolutely gorgeous packaging, contains a DVD with a documentary of the band recording the album, kind of like a mini-version of Buck-Tick: The Movie.

Items currently available:

Buck-Tick - Mona Lisa Overdrive XANADU (DVD)
Buck-Tick - Darker Than Darkness -Style 93- (album)
Buck-Tick - Kagerou (single) first press
Buck-Tick - Hurry Up Mode (album) limited edition
Buck-Tick - Memento Mori (album) first press
Buck-Tick - Mienai Mono (single) first press
Buck-Tick - Six/Nine (album) first press
Buck-Tick - Symphonic Buck-Tick in Berlin (album)

De+Lax - Sensation (album)

Lucy - Rockarollica II (album)

Malice Mizer - Bara no Seidou (album) first press
Malice Mizer - Merveilles (album) first press

Soft Ballet - Earth Born (album) first press
Soft Ballet - Form (album)
Soft Ballet - Incubate (album)
Soft Ballet - Million Mirrors (album)

Go nuts.  For details on prices, shipping, etc, go here.

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