Shopping Service Updates

Two new items added!

Rendezvous Single (first press)
Ai no Wakusei (Sakurai Atsushi's solo album) SOLD (if you want one too, contact me.)

Both are in near-perfect condition.

I will also be announcing new items on Twitter from now on.  Follow me.


  1. love your tweets Cayce :) just for the fun of it, I stumbled today on youtube on a version of hatsuke miku singing kick, plus I noticed from a random facebook post that the model appearing in miss take pv is actually an expat Romanian who shared pics with the loveable BT members on her (very :( pink) website ... so bizzare had to share. delana

  2. Oh my goodness! I found that pink blog (Best of Anka). Hmmm. She's definitely pretty different from the girl she plays in the video :)

  3. And wait a minute, isn't she wearing that red wrestling mask that Imai had on as surprise guest one day? Okay, it's the "All about Anka" hour!

  4. You know, it's really not useful if you tell me what you find without posting links. If you want to share something with the Blog-Tick readers, please share it (like tits or gtfo but slight less offensive.)

  5. I was going to do that after I figured it out, but I thought you might yell at me for posting links, haha!

  6. If you'd posted a link to "Enlarge Your Penis By a 100% Guaranteed 5 Inches," I would have yelled at you.

  7. sorry for missing to add the links, here they are:
    * Best of Anca:
    * Kick (smurf version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1RXqTYPjrw

  8. I would never do that! Now, if it said "Enlarge Your Penis 100% Guaranteed 5 for Japanese Babies," I would consider it related! ;)

  9. BTW, here she is "Best of Anca."


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