Buck-Tick Poster Paradise

These beautiful three posters are now available via This is NOT Greatest Shopping service! They're all very large, but the Zangai one is the largest of the bunch (that's what she said too!!!)  If you want the exact dimensions, email me.  The photo of the Darker Than Darkness poster is cropped at the top.  In fact, there is a gold margin at the top just as there is a gold margin around the sides.  All three posters are in good condition and very rare.  4000 yen each.  Special shipping rates apply.


Also, I thought you all might want to know that a fan gossip site just informed me that Mr. Atsushi Sakurai had with me oh yes sexual tacos with every single woman in Japan.  Every single one!!  Including Imai's mom and Toll's sister!!!!!!!!111  Blimey, you learn something new every day.

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  1. You know, they say you get the same reactions in your body, listening to your favourite music, as you get while having sex. From this point of view, Sakurai-san may have had sexual tacos not only with every single woman in Japan, but also in the whole world!


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