Either This or Anarchy

And this, my friends, is why you read Blog-Tick: because Cayce has an uncanny knack for predicting Buck-Tick's movements.  At the end of my live report on the Day in Question 2013, I wrote a Buck-Tick Weather Report for the coming year in which I predicted a new album release for late May or early June.

Well here it is, folks.  You heard it here first because Cayce lives in Tokyo, five minutes away from the Fish Tank office by bicycle messenger, and gets the Fish Tank newsletter faster than all of y'all.  Buck-Tick's new album will be released on June 4th, exactly when I said it would be! The album will contain a total of 14 songs, but no word yet on whether any of the tracks from the new single are included in the 14 (my guess is probably at least one of them is, but you never know.)  Also, a little bird told me there will be some interesting guest performers on this album in addition to Kokushoku Sumire, so stay tuned.  Details will be announced as they become available.

The title of the album will be Arui wa Anarchy, which translates to Either This or Anarchy.  For the pedants in the audience: a more literal translation would be "or anarchy," but "arui wa" usually implies a comparison between two things, so I felt that "either this or anarchy" was a snappier, sexier translation.

Following the release of the album, on June 18th, the band will embark on a 28-stop national hall tour that will last until the end of September.  Because this is a hall tour, all seats will be reserved.  See This is NOT Greatest Site's Japanese Concert Guide for more info on hall tour procedures.  If you're not a member of Fish Tank already, you're not eligible for priority reservations for tickets on this tour, but if you're desperate to go anyway I can help you get tickets, just send me an email.


  1. Yaaay, looks like B-T are ready to go!
    I wonder what this title is supposed to mean.
    This time I´m really curious about what awaits us because all I´ve read so far sounds guite bizarre!
    Thanks for the insider info and congratulations on your accurate prediction! ;P

  2. Cross your fingers for a Pay Money To My Pain guest appearance!!!!!


    1. The problem is, the vocalist of Pay Money to My Pain died shortly after the Buck-Tick Parade 2012 festival. I had nothing to do with his death, I promise you. Really I felt quite bad for mocking him so much after hearing the news.

    2. Ooooooooooooooooooh, well this is awkward...

    3. More like tragic, I'd say.

  3. I have plans to be in Japan for a month during the tour. I am a fanclub member. I have never seen B-T live before, and I am fucking stoked.


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