Buck-Tick Book Bonanza, Part 3

The following delicious Buck-Tick books are now available for purchase via This is NOT Greatest Shopping service!  I'm reposting some that I already introduced, but there are also some new ones, so be sure to check out all of them!

Rock and Read #42

Volume 42 of Rock & Read magazine, with a 32-page cover feature on Sakurai Atsushi, including a long interview and 13 pages of full-color photos. Also includes a bonus postcard. Other artists featured include Inoran of Luna Sea, Gara of Merry, Asagi of D, Akihide of Breakerz, Bansaku of Baroque, and others. This was one of the best selling issues of Rock & Read magazine and is very difficult to find for sale compared to the other issues. Perfect condition, out of print. 1700 yen.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Bonus Postcard

That giant butts picture.

SOLD! (blimey that was fast!)
Sakurai Atsushi Solo Photobook

This gorgeous, giant hardcover photobook was released as part of Sakurai Atsushi's solo project.  Contains 158 pages of sexy, arty photographs of dear Mr. Sakurai. Most of the photos are black and white, but a few are in color, including that one that all the fangirls love to make into livejournal icons. This is a must have for any fangirl, though you'll have to take care not to stain the lovely glossy pages with your fangirl juices. Rare and out of print. The cover is slightly warped but aside from that, the condition is perfect. 7500 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is so heavy you could use it as a weapon.)

Front Cover

Like the guy in The Crow said, smoking is bad for you.

Nice visual metaphor for... ;)  Also, way to encourage fans to consume alcohol.

Wow. Such tongue! Very sex! Very livejournal icon!

COSMOS Tour Pamphlet

Softcover, LP-sized tour pamphlet contains 32 full color pages of really trippy photos of the band members and various drug-related objects, such as ash trays full of cigarettes (but smoking is bad for you!)  It also contains 48 black-and-white pages full of candid photos of the band members goofing around backstage and on the road, including humorous commentary (written in Japanese, of course.) This is probably the largest collection of behind-the-scenes photography of Buck-Tick ever printed, so if you love your band members makeup-free, drunk and giggling unawares, you need this. For serious. Great condition, rare and out of print. 3800 yen.

This is what the color drug photos look like.

In the candids, Toll has a beard, and Sakurai has a smoke-beard (but smoking is bad for you!!!)

Sakurai and Imai brave the dangers of the convenience store to buy some pre-packaged underwear.

Imai says, "no photos, yo!"  Too late.

Hide makes goggle eyes at Acchan-chan.

Sexy Stream Liner Tour Pamphlet

Softcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Sexy Stream Liner era contains 38 pages of glossy full-color photos of the band members. Great condition, rare and out of print. 2000 yen.

Front Cover

Inside Cover

 Look at those head tattoos!

Aku no Hana Tour Pamphlet

Hardcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Aku no Hana era contains 35 pages of big glossy photos of the band members. Includes both full-color live photography and black and white art shots. Perfect condition, rare and out of print. If you love Mr. Sakurai with long hair, this one is for you. Sample photos below. 2000 yen.

Kurutta Taiyou Tour Pamphlet

Hardcover, LP sized tour pamphlet from the Kurutta Taiyou tour contains 36 full-color pages of REALLY ARTY photos, some of them featuring Buck-Tick members. Excellent for poring over while under the influence of quasi-legal herbs and the kind of candy Imai likes. Great condition, rare and out of print. 1500 yen.

Six/Nine Tour Pamphlet

Very large, soft-cover pamphlet from the Six/Nine tour contains 40 pages of full color and arty black-and-white photos, including soft-focus closeups of the band members and some interesting full-body black and white nighttime outdoor shots. Great condition, rare and out of print. 2000 yen.

This is NOT Greatest Tour Pamphlet

Very large, softcover tour pamphlet from This is NOT Greatest Tour contains 30 pages of glossy full-color studio and live photography of the band members. The unusual design includes foldout covers and a section of flipbook-style divided pages in the middle. Great condition, rare and out of print. 3000 yen.

These two posters are also still available.  The Cosmos poster is 52 x 72 cm, and the Zangai poster is slightly larger.  Great condition, very rare (especially the Zangai poster.)  4000 yen each.  Special shipping rates apply.

All inquiries about reservations and shipping should be directed to themadaristocrat at gmail.  Also it is with regret that we announce that EMS is not shipping to the Ukraine at this time.  Sorry, Ukrainians.  It's not our fault.

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