Velvet Eden Revival July 2010

Not Buck-Tick related in the least, but still cool: photos from Velvet Eden's revival show! For those of you who don't know, alongside Malice Mizer, Velvet Eden was one of the popular goth-cult-visual bands of the 90's, back in the deliciously dark halcyon days when the streets of Tokyo were painted crimson red, bats roosted in every shrine and temple, and all the men wore eyeliner to work. The band have reunited now after a long hiatus, and according to frontman Dada, this isn't just a one-time stunt: they plan on resuming activities full scale, and releasing new material. Doubtless it's a step up for Dada, who claims to have spent his time during the band's hiatus working as a salaryman (and as this is the twenty-teens now, no more eyeliner in the office anymore!) I leave it up to you to decide whether or not he's telling the truth. Can you imagine this guy with short hair, wearing a suit and tie? (And maybe even covering up his nipples?)

All photos copyright Cayce 2010.

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