Razzle Dazzle (and all that jazz?)

Buck-Tick's 18th studio album, "Razzle Dazzle," is scheduled for release on October 13th. The cover will be illustrated by Japanese-underground-art-legend Uno Akira, otherwise known as Aquirax Uno, whose delicate, dreamlike, art nouveau-esque drawings depict scenes of the lovely, the erotic, and the grotesque (and also no doubt adorn Mr. Imai's walls.) The album will contain "Dokudanjou Beauty" and "Kuchizuke," along with 13 other tracks. The first-press edition will feature the album in the no-one's-heard-of-it-yet Blu-Spec CD format (like Blu-Ray, but for audio.) Don't worry, Blu-Spec is compatible with regular CD players. Is it rippable and hence pirateable? I don't know yet, you tell me. The format debuted in 2008, is the property of Sony, and appears to be a largely Japanese phenomenon at the moment. In addition to the Blu-Spec format, the first-press edition will include the requisite special packaging and a DVD extra with the PV for "Dokudanjou Beauty," an interview, and some other goodies (maybe, probably.)

If the Blue-Spec CD format doesn't happen to be pirateable, please, you pecuniarily endowed fans, buy the regular edition as well...because if it weren't for pirated CDs, none of y'all would know Buck-Tick even existed.

As for the regular edition, it appears to be just the regular CD. In a case. With a booklet, that might (if you're lucky) feature a cheesy, over-exposed picture of Sakurai in frills and a top hat. But then again, going by the title of the album and the 1920's art style we're looking at for the cover here, I'm secretly hoping Buck-Tick is going to Chicago the living $#!+ out of the unwary fanbase. Please guys, pray with me for fishnets, sequins, bowler hats, and (of course) smoking revolvers galore.

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