Best of Buck-Tick...for n00bs!

The band has been around for nearly 25 years. They have a discography of over 200 (yes, over 200, go count 'em!) songs to their name. With Razzle Dazzle, we are looking at their 18th studio album...and I'll wager that's more studio albums than some of you readers are years old...so why do people just keep asking for the same songs over and over? Not that they aren't all good songs...they're certainly all good songs and worthy of popularity. But if you are a new fan of the band and the songs below are pretty much the only songs you've heard, I strongly encourage you to sample some other songs as well.

Also, FYI, the Japanese list is very different from the overseas list, as you can see.

Best of Buck-Tick for Japanese n00bs

1. Aku no Hana
2. Iconoclasm
3. Baby, I Want You
4. Speed
5. Jupiter
6. Alice in Wonder Underground
7. Kodou
8. Muma -The Nightmare-
9. Uta
10. Romance

Best of Buck-Tick for Overseas n00bs

1. Romance
2. Dress
3. Cream Soda
4. Alice in Wonder Underground
5. Baby, I Want You
6. Snow White
7. Muma -The Nightmare-
8. Kodou
9. Long Distance Call
10. Kimi no Vanilla

Btw, not trying to offend anyone. Not saying that if you like these songs, that makes you a n00b (though it might! Bwahaha.) These lists have been compiled from data taken from many individuals; like all statistical trends they say nothing about any individual in particular.


  1. My top 10 most listened B-T songs:

    - Kagerou
    Note: A song with a very sinister feel to it. It was the song that made me love B-T.
    - Dress
    Note: My first Buck-Tick song ever (opening of Trinity Blood). It felt sensual and dark.
    Note: A very pop-like song which, to be honest, doesnt stand out that much. Just a song i have good memories with.
    - Muma, The Nightmare
    Note: I first didnt liked it. Its a song with lyrics that keeps repeating till the end. It made me sick. But now, its one of the most memorable songs. Live too, i like it (although Sakurai almost sings nothing live in this song, its al cd)
    - Coyote
    Note: This song also has a dark vibe, but adds some Western elements too. Its a special one.
    - Memento Mori
    Note: This song is just epic. I like the solo (alhough they played it horrible in the live version).
    - Lullaby 3
    Note: Their best Goth song ever. It just sounds twisted, with the added sound effects. Oh, and the lyrics are nicely done.
    - Sapphire
    Note: Im in love with the sound effects and the voice filters. A very memorable song.
    - Snow White
    Note: Just a beautiful piece of art. I especially like the ending.
    - Romance
    Note: My third B-T song. I like the PV.

    Still, this list could change. Ive only listened to 6/7 albums at the moment. Im at One Live one Death now. The older ones will folow.

    Oh btw, i demand for a new version (the one from the Tenshi no Revolver tour) of Mienai Mono wo Miyou to Suru Gokai Subete Gokai da. The original is oke, but the new one is just amazing.

  2. I love about 90% of all their songs from Hurry Up Mode through to Memento Mori. デタラメ野郎 is an all time favorite, I like how Atsushi screams in that one, lol.

    What are your favorite songs of theirs anyway....? I am now very curious as to what our dear translator likes the most! ^.^

  3. That second list is pretty close to what I listened to before I started checking out B-T's full albums.

    Snap! Now I want to write my own B-T lists.

  4. Oh wow! Half of the songs on the second list are from B-T's last 3 albums.

    Personally I never understood why Telephone Murder, Hurry Up Mode, Muchi No Namida, and ALIVE aren't as popular. I mean even Prologue, which isn't even really a song (just 39 seconds of Acchan talking), is fantastic. :p

    If you haven't listened to B-T's earlier stuff, check it out.

  5. is Gessekai popular?

  6. But but...what if I like these songs....aaaand the songs that no one listens to? I think many of the ones here and many of the other ones all have their merits.

  7. This post is old but because I'm a pervert, do they have any erotic songs *fufufu*? I heard these people were somewhat like cali=gari.

  8. Do Buck-Tick have any erotic songs...hmm...in a word, OH YES. I don't know if I would compare them to Cali-Gari, but if you want dirty lyrics, I recommend "Kimi no Vanilla," "Cream Soda," "Sasayaki," "My Baby Japanese," "Black Cherry," "Suzumebachi," "IN," "Motel 13," "Sexual XXXXX!" "Do the I Love You," "Misty Blue," "Deep Slow," a zillion others I am forgetting to mention, and just about every song on Sakurai Atsushi's solo album.

  9. lol I know this is old, Cayce, but I still want to jump in. XD

    I consider myself a n00b, but the list shown above has only a few songs that I listen to on repeat. But the erotic songs you've written above, are all on my list of faves. wth /hides

  10. @ Mimi - These were the popular online overseas n00b songs when I wrote the post. They have shifted a bit since, I think. It seems all fangirls claim the erotic songs are their favorites and somehow I just doubt it's about music which makes me kind of sad...

  11. @Cayce OMG. This is late, because I don't get notifs and I didn't know there was a reply. Before checking up the lyrics, sometimes I don't get the hint it's actually erotic (I'm that dense, you see D: ) and it was on replay, but sometimes it is that blatant so I kinda know it hahaha. I usually don't listen to erotic songs, but when I re-discovered BT, somehow I was able to cope with this kind of songs, because I really find the music good. I think, it was also because that I don't really understand most of the Japanese lyrics so yeah, those would be my ignorance-is-bliss moments until I look up the lyrics. lol Though I liked those songs, I also have faves that are non-erotic mostly on the 90's era albums. XD

    It's sad to know that some fangirls overlook the music though...o.o

    Well, this is really an interesting entry. I still think this list is effective, since I find other new fans liking those (though perhaps there would be new additions). ^^;

    Keep being awesome, Cayce~! :D


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