The best Buck-Tick songs you've never heard...

...never heard, or just don't listen to enough! The sorts of songs you put in at karaoke and everyone goes, "...what? This song? I haven't heard it since it was released!" The sorts of songs Buck-Tick never even plays live (or has never played since the album tour). After posting the track list for the Best of For n00bs collection, I'm sure you're thinking, what Buck-Tick songs does Cayce suggest we listen to instead? These are them.

1. My Baby Japanese...it's the thematic sequel to "Sasayaki," but they have never once played it live, though the fans keep asking and asking.

2. Under the Moonlight...the only song Higuchi Yutaka ever wrote the lyrics to!

3. Kimi e...it should have been the theme song for Wolf's Rain. It probably inspired Wolf's Rain. (Along with "Rakuen.") I swear, the creator of Wolf's Rain is a flaming Buck-Tick fan. (And now you're asking me, what is Wolf's Rain and what is "Kimi e"?)

4. Embryo...it sounds like Bauhaus, and Sakurai got censored for using the word "vagina."

5. Foolish...tell me what album it's on, and I'll give you a cookie.

6. seraphim...you've only ever heard the title because it's on 13kai wa Gekkou. But I bet it's the track you always skip...unless you're just too lazy to bother!

7. Desperate Girl...Hoshino's Spanish-guitar riffs from the late 80's are not to be missed.

8. Stay Gold...wait, Buck-Tick have a song called Stay Gold?

9. Zero...the spoken-word thing is awesome! But if "awesome" isn't enough for you fangirls...the lyrics are dirty!

10. Trans...something about it reminds me of Galaxy Express 999.

11. Hearts...RIDICULOUS...ly....amazing

12. Death Wish...this song was unbelievably catchy and yet no one paid attention.

13. Lizard Skin no Shoujo...Imai used the words "spirited away," "mosquito netting," "capitalists," "distended," and "forest of hanging" all in one song, while Sakurai put a black scarf on his head and danced around like a fool, but all anyone remembered was him licking Imai's shoe in "Sasayaki."

14. The World is Yours...boring PV, but one of the darkest, most mature songs on the Aku no Hana album. If you didn't like it the first time, give it another try.

15. Hosoi Sen...for everyone who has a thing for male singers with really low voices

16. Paradise...has anyone besides me ever noticed how much this sounds like Depeche Mode?

17. Ghost...it was about vampire sex, and yet somehow it escaped being a fangirl favorite...!?

18. Monster...Monsters and cocaine, I feel so much closer to Lady Gaga already.

19. Voo Doo...it just came out and everyone has already forgotten it.

20. Motel 13...only the best song ever...that no one ever talks about!

Now I realize that by using the words "vagina" and "cocaine" in the same post, this is going to run afoul of internet censors. Judging by the large number of delighted little children at their concerts, Buck-Tick are perfectly family-friendly...but one couldn't call them exactly "clean" (you knowww what I mean...oh zing! If you didn't catch that reference get off my blog now! Just kidding.)


  1. I, for one, actually -really- love Embryo, Voo Doo, and Seraphim. Could listen to them over and over.

    Aaaaand now I think I'll listen to all the others.

  2. A top 5 of songs that are worth listening for me would be:

    1.The world is yours: yes it has a very mature sound and also something that just keeps you listening to it over and over!

    2.Yuuwaku: I really like it for the implement of the sax and having a melody from the 50's or 60's mafia years

    3. Gessekai: I'm in love with the theremin ♥

    4. capsule tears- plastic syndrome III: I think I'm the only one who likes this song !

    5. TO SEARCH: Early B-T really fast but also good song

    And an extra: COYOTE is one of their best songs, it's really hard to found "better" songs when all of them have something good, but this has something that makes me say this!

    All BUCK-TICK songs are worth listening independt from their popularity cause in their majority they contain a message that even if you don't understand in the lyrics you can feel in the melody :)

    P.S.: Foolish is from the COSMOS, I demand my cookie!

  3. Desperate Girl is one of my favourites actually! :D

    Nice list of "obscure" songs by the way. And Foolish is on COSMOS of course. ;)

  4. This! Plus, I've never heard anyone mentions Utsusemi... not even the band itself!

  5. Thanks for the hints! I looked for Trans now and it'1s really great! And you mentioned Desperate Girl <3333 *loves this one*

  6. Most of these are my favorites!<3
    Also, Cosmos(the album) needs more love.

  7. Seraphim was actually not a bad song. The problem i had was that it kept repeating. The same lyrics over and over. You know, most of the tracks of Juusankai wa Gekkou felt dark, but this one felt like a walk in heaven, somewhat angelic. I think this song was ''oke'', nothing special.

    Ghost was a song i didnt cared about. Listened it ten times, and it didnt ''grabbed'' me.

    Death Wish is pretty nice. But i just hate it when Buck-tick adds soundeffects in their music at the beginning of the song, when it never ever reappears in the song. Death Wish has intro like that. In the intro, you hear some weird sounds, and you never ever hear them again. To me, that just feels like a cheap opening. Its simply filler material.

    Monster was not memorable in any way. I didnt care about it.

    Voo Doo was a nice song. Not cutting edge, but very nice. To me it feels like a combination of Goth (voice filters) and Industrial (sound effects). But the lyrics were a drawback to me. They were horribly written, and not very original.

    Motel 13 was not bad. But there are songs of better quality on the album.

  8. God, thanks for pointing out how awesome these songs are! Some of these were only included on singles though, they may be hard to find nowadays... (although I do admit that I skip seraphim, lol)

  9. Well, the most of them are my favourite songs XD and I know the others ones at least XD (I always like things that are unpopular XDD)

  10. Foolish is from Cosmos - will you give me a cookie?

  11. Agreed, about Kimi e (and Wolf's Rain, which is probably one the best animes ever made...), Trans (Hide is a genius. The end.), Hosoi sen (yes, hello, I have a fetish for deep voices), Ghost (eargsm), Voo Doo (why are the B-sides always the -better- side?) and Motel 13 (sexy as hell).

    Utsusemi deserves so much more love. As does Yuuwaku, Cabaret, Down, Illusion and Flame...

  12. wow this list of songs is really great xDD As for me, I didn't ''forget'' most of them (well Voo Doo is playing on repeat...), but not a lot of BiTches speak about those songs, that's true ^^

  13. hahaha this cracked me up!! Really well done inspection! (and Ghost got me while I was 15, after reading the lyrics I kept writing cheap Hellsing fanfics while manga was still ongoing haha, ah brings sentiments whenever I listen to it ^^ I feel old now xD)

  14. Hello. I'm from mexico and English is bad but still. I think your comment great songs that never heard. Especially that of my baby japanese, since I heard it and I love to point rarely made me wonder ¿in who he was thinking?

    Something that I think on par with your comment is the song My Funny Valentine which I love but all the rest (or mostly) prefer MY FUCKIN 'VALENTINE

  15. lol loved this so much! oh I'm not too bad then I like most of these especially Embryo and Monster is one of my all time favorites i love it to death! When i first heard it i was so addicted, kept listening to it non-stop. Even now i listen to it regularly and i can't just hear it once xD.

  16. Admittedly, I haven't gotten around to listening to most of these, but Ghost and Motel 13 are a couple of my faves.

  17. You meant songs that every fan loves most? Then yeah...

  18. I love Ghost and Death Wish, two of my favorites. I really don't know if it was popular or not but I also love Shanikusai -Carnival. I shall now, listen to these songs XD

  19. Zero, Death Wish and Ghost were actually some of my first Buck-Tick songs I knew, surprisingly. I really like them a lot.

    Also, Seraphim wasn't bad...but like some who have already said before me, it was terribly repeatative. So I don't -skip- it per se, but sometimes I end it early. lol

    There are so many Buck-Tick songs and I have most of them (if not all of them) on my computer and Ipod... I feel as if I could live off of their music forever and never complain about a lack of diversity. In fact there are months I go with pretty much only listening to Buck-Tick music. Call it "the Buck-Tick fast" if you will.

    This band is a god-send. I have never been more pleased or more into music ever before I came across them.

  20. I really love Seraphim. Actually, it's one of my favorite tracks of 13kai wa Gekkou, along with Romance and Muma-The Nightmare- Really love that heavenly sound yet darkly inviting at the same time :) Everytime I listen to Seraphim, I feel like dreamily wandering into the Grimm's fairy tales :p

  21. what's with Sakura?, just heard it once live and then got lost in time

  22. I love ''The World Is Yours'', and ''Under the Moonlight'' is one of my favourites. A masterpiece! <3
    Both songs are so catchy, too.

    ''CRAZY NIGHT, CRAZY MAN, CRAZY MOON. You are crazy~'' *humming*


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