寿記 18.06.09 G.V 090616

It was the last day for the R&R Show Guitaryhthm V. I witnessed it personally.

I got an email that said "If you don't come soon it's gonna be over!" so I checked my schedule immediately.

The guy sitting next to me says, "That day's my birthday, so I'm off."

Yeah, happy birthday. (He could have left it at "I'm off that day." Honestly.)

Oh good~~ (What a relief)

And it's the last day too (we can party!)

Electro Rock-n-Roll Glamorous (a pleasure)

I can't tell you my opinions about the show (of course not!)

I had him invite me to the party afterwards, and after that, we had a glass of rum at the bar. (blessings!)



  1. I guess I can't say this enough....this blog is awseome and so are your translating skills. When google translate's at work it might as well just go:


    n__n Thanks!

  2. Haha xD I love his honesty...


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