Question & Answer, FT. 053

What's an easy way of relieving stress?
Hide: Drinking~~
Yutaka: Groaning!

What was the most moving thing about the Memento Mori tour?
Hide: Everyone's smiling faces ^_~
Imai: The fact that it's now safely over!

What was a recent movie or play you saw?
Sakurai: Dead End.
Yutaka: Detroit Metal City!
Toll: It's not recent at all, but I did go see "Ray."

What's the scariest thing in the universe?
Toll: I am.


  1. Hahaha xD So today I learnt that Toll is the scariest thing in the universe! Thanks sooooo much for the translations!! ^^

  2. Toll's last answer = SO MUCH WIN. XD

    U-ta's answer about groaning made me want to hug the living daylights out of him. Cuteness overload.


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