Here is New Sensation!

Hello, and welcome to the Blog-Tick Phenomenon, the brand-new official blog of This is NOT Greatest Site! It seems that the esteemed Mr. Imai Hisashi has played the role of the white rabbit, sucking us down into the Wonder Blogsophere. After considering for several months, we, or rather I, decided it was time to do the 'I blog you'. And as you can imagine, this is NOT "just one more blog." This will literally be not the greatest blog. Ever.

So why have jumped on the blog band-wagon? (Or should I say, the band blog-wagon?) The sad truth is, Kame and are I busy people, and fun work doesn't pay. We try to keep Not Greatest Site in the style of a (ruthlessly mocked) formal magazine, but that takes time. While Kame's working on piles of new Not Greatest Code and has no time for regular updates (apparently she's also been gothic bellydancing to "Romance" and lost track of time) I decided to create a place where I could quickly and easily keep you all entertained with some Buck-Tick related goodies in an informal fashion.

Recent comments by the band members, interesting bits of news, personal messages from Toll's bodyguard's roadie's girlfriend...they all might show up here. If you have any suggestions or requests, just drop me a line. Oh, yeah. And I recall Mr. Imai Hisashi's blog wasn't originally written in English...but now it just might be ready to....


So stay tuned, and prepare to become Victims of Blog.

~Cayce, Not Greatest Translator


  1. Oh YES! You don't ever stop making my days, do you?

  2. Sounds great, you have the not greatest translations period. I really appreciate the time you put into this for all of us who can't read Japanese.

  3. Thank you all so much for your support! Please keep checking back!

  4. Thank you very much ^o^

  5. Thank you sooo much for the effort and translation! I'll definitely be following up on your blog.

  6. Oh yes, thank you so very, very much for the translations! Your site has been a life saver for this poor, non-Japanese speaking BiTch.

    *does the I Love You*


  7. Swwwweeet rock on!!! Some of Imai's blogging translated would be cool!!!

  8. thank you both you are fantastic for doing this.

  9. i think this is an awesome idea...just a pity that i can't do such things myself, like translating japanese...uh...i'm still learning this language...


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