Hoshino Hidehiko on Blogging

Remember, Sakurai's not the only member of the band! Now let's hear Hoshion's opinions of Imai's blog.

FT: Recently the other guitarist started a blog. Did you hear about that?

Hoshino: Yes, I did.

FT: Have you looked at it?

Hoshino: Yes, I have.

FT: So how is Imai's blog anyway?

Hoshino: Well, he's being pretty serious about writing it, so, yeah, I'd say it's pretty good. It's not like he's posting when he's drunk or anything. I thought that would be good, though.

FT: Did you tell that to Imai?

Hoshino: Nope, I didn't say anything.

FT: We think that it would be nice if it weren't just Imai's blog...

Hoshino: Wait, are you telling me to start a blog too?

FT: No, we were just wondering if you were interested at all....?

Hoshino: Who me? No way.

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  1. "Nope, i didn't say anything"
    "Who me? No way"
    Sugoku Hide rashii to omou yo ne XD...


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