Razzle Dazzle Terrorism

In honor of Operation Release Razzle Dazzle, the Sony Music Online Japan website will be taken over for 36 hours starting at 12:00PM on Tuesday, October 12th, in a planned hijacking promotional stunt.

Video clips, Razzle Dazzle television spots, bring it on! Koda Kumi may cover Shibuya in billboards, and Pocky may have bought Yellow Magic Orchestra and placed them in a chocolate sea of advertisements that filled up every available advertising space on the JR Yamanote line one disturbing Saturday evening (if Ryuichi Sakamoto weren't so handsome, it would have been terrifying.) Even The Gazette has sent box trucks with their billboard splashed across the side driving through Harajuku, blasting their music.

Buck-Tick may not have the cash to pull off something quite so spectacular, but be sure to go and enjoy their modest promotional celebration while it lasts! And don't feel sorry for them not having money, either...the moment those tour goods come out, they will be stealing money from all of you.

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