Not Greatest Site relocation

Happy New Year to all you Blog-Tickers.

User redddraig, thank you for your post on the Buck-Tick English language livejournal community. As always, I'm touched by how many people still appreciate Not Greatest Site after all these years. This January marks our sixth anniversary! While we've got nothing on Buck-Tick it still gives me a bit of vertigo just thinking about it...

In any case, we are switching hosting services, which will require temporary closure of the site. We are NOT closing for good, so don't worry. However, please do not archive my translations. There are many reasons for the long delay in updates and for the transfer of hosting, but one of the big reasons is: I have written a completely new set of Buck-Tick lyric translations! They are improved in accuracy and readability, and in some cases, in singability! Over the years, I think I've improved a lot as a translator, in addition to gaining a great deal more insight into the meanings of the individual songs. Therefore, I would really like you all to, rather than archiving my old work, to enjoy reading my new work...I promise, the new site will be open very soon.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years. Your thanks are the only pay I get for doing this, so if you enjoy reading Not Greatest Site, please drop me a line and let me know :)