Moonlight Escape & Happy Birthday Hide

As Japan phases out its state of emergency, Buck-Tick have seized the opportunity to get back into the studio and continue recording their new album. The album was scheduled for release this summer, but as we predicted earlier, it's not going to happen. However, if drug arrests, near-death experiences, 9.0 earthquakes, and guitarists breaking their fingers didn't stop Buck-Tick, why should a virus? When roadblocks get in the way, climb over them and keep going.

As such, Buck-Tick have triumphantly announced that their 39th single, Moonlight Escape, is scheduled for release on August 26th. The single will contain two songs: the title track, "Moonlight Escape," with lyrics by Sakurai Atsushi and music by Imai Hisashi, and the b-side, "Kogoeru" ("Frozen"), with lyrics by Sakurai Atsushi and music by Hoshino Hidehiko. (Raise your hands if you're excited about the imminent release of another Hide song!)

As usual, the single will be released in three formats: Limited Edition A, with a bonus BluRay with the music video for "Moonlight Escape" (2618 yen, including tax), Limited Edition B, with a bonus DVD with the music video for "Moonlight Escape" (2068 yen, including tax), and the regular edition with just the plain ol' CD (1100 yen, including tax).

Given the state of the world these days, we can't blame the Buck-Tick members for wanting to escape into the moonlight... to some socially distant place where no one can corona-shame them, and Mr. Sakurai can return that gauzy scarf to its proper place: draped over his head. Thanks, guys, for never failing to obliquely mock Japanese society! Wearing masks in supermarkets or on trains is one thing... on the other hand, wearing them when you're walking all alone down a completely deserted street in the middle of night, as we've seen so many people doing, makes us wonder what exactly they're scared of. Do they think they're going to catch the virus from the moon?

This is also a friendly reminder that just because you're wearing a mask doesn't mean that it can't be fashionable. In fact, it should be. It can even be sexy! In fact, did y'all know that unmasked sex spreads coronavirus!!?* Make sure to carefully secure your mask before engaging in oh yes sexual tacos!!! (Shame on you for being the only one to eschew a mask, Mr. Sakurai. Shame shame shame. We are corona-shaming you. Do a patriotic service to your country and mask up before you fuck.)

*Unmasked sex can also result in unplanned pregnancy, particularly in men over age 50.


In other news, Hoshino Hidehiko turned 54 on June 16th. Happy birthday from us, Hide. We sincerely apologize that it's so belated.

Keep practicing your pick-spitting game.

Someday, the era of an arena-full of fans all trying to grab your #sexybeast body will return.