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Hi folks, just a heads-up: Japan's Golden Week has arrived, and in conjunction, Cayce will be on holiday and unable to respond to email until May 20th. All shopping service requests will be processed after that date. Feel free to email and reserve items, however, understand that you will not receive a response till May 20th. As always, reservations are on a first-come, first serve basis. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, go out and smell the flowers and enjoy your spring!


More Buck-Tick Pamphlets For Sale

After the enormous response to the last shopping service post (all but two items sold out in under 24 hours!), we've decided to bring you some more goodies! This time, we have some ultra-rare tour pamphlets available, so if you want them, don't hesitate, email me right away. I may not be able to track down more copies for quite a while.

Also, to reiterate - if you want to buy something, contact me by email (themadaristocrat at gmail.)  I do not accept requests to purchase items via the comments section. If more than one person emails me and you both want the same item, I will sell the item to the person whose email has an earlier time stamp. Payment in Japanese yen only, via PayPal.


Fish Tanker's Only Tour 2008 Pamphlet

This softcover pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case and contains 64 pages of full-color studio photos of the band members, some of which have been combined with graphics produced by GRADELIC studio. This tour was launched partly in support of the Heaven single, so half the photos feature the band members in white outfits and white hair - it's a very interesting look which they've never replicated before or since, so if you love your silver foxes, this is the pamphlet for you! The pages were difficult to photograph so I apologize for the flash flares in some of the sample photos, but obviously no flash flares will be present in real life. Aside from slightly worn corners, the pamphlet is in perfect condition. This pamphlet was only available for purchase by Fish Tank members at the venues on the tour, and is consequently extremely rare. If you want it, this may be your only chance to get it! 6000 yen.


Schweinfest Tour Pamphlet A

This softcover pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case and contains about 80 pages of photos, including studio glamor shots, candids from Schwein's photoshoot in New York City, making-of shots from the You're My Disease PV filming, photos of the band's at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, and others. It was only sold at the venues on the Schweinfest tour and is consequently extremely rare and nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price, even in Japan. If you want it, this may be your only chance to get it! The binding is a bit weak, but aside from that, the pamphlet is in perfect condition. To avoid stressing the binding, I have only posted a few sample photos of the copy I have available. The rest of the sample photos are scans taken from a kind internet user. However, all photos are present in the booklet. 9000 yen.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Imai: "Acchan...please don't tell anyone that I woke up in that dumpster this morning."

In Times Square!


Schwein! Get it?

Imai: "Does this blackout facemask make me look fat?"

Whose house is this, I wonder?

Phone sex, Schwein style: "I'm naked except for the flag of your country"

Fushimi Inari in Kyoto

Barrels of blessed sake

You're My Disease PV filming

More homo-eros!

Imai is horny and down with this (literally!)

Imai always wanted to be in the middle.


13th Floor With Moonshine Tour Pamphlet A

This matte hardcover tour pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case, and contains 64 full-color pages of studio photography of the band members waltzing around gothically, showing off their sexy tophats, and, in the case of Hoshino Hidehiko, leering up the ballerina's tutu. Widely regarded as Buck-Tick's Best Tour Pamphlet Evar. Extremely rare and out of print. Perfect condition. 6000 yen.



This softcover, all full color pamphlet contains pages and pages of live photography from the One Life, One Death tour. Very rare and out of print, perfect condition. 3000 yen.

Front Cover

Memento Mori Pix Photobook

This huge, hardcover coffee table photobook contains reams of full-color photos from the Memento Mori Tour 2009, as well as black-and-white backstage shots and in-depth interviews with each band member. The photobook comes with a glossy slipcover, underneath which is a faux-leather binding embossed with intricate Memento Mori-themed patterns outlined in gold. Fans of Imai with long hair: relish Imai's braided Rapunzel look!  Fans of bearded Mr. Sakurai: this is the book for you! This is the one and only photobook featuring Mr. Sakurai with a beard, so if beards are you cup of tea, this is a must-not-miss. Perfect condition, rare and out of print. 6000 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is heavy!)

Front Cover (slipcover)

Front Cover (inside slipcover)

Acchan-chan macks on Dokuro-chan

Yutaka plays the woody bass

Intimate backstage paparazzi shots!

Band member interviews

Photo series showing the beginning of the show

The band lines up at the front of the stage for "Makka na Yoru"

Beard clock o'clock.


Rock and Read #42

Volume 42 of Rock and Read magazine, with a 32-page cover feature on Sakurai Atsushi, including a long interview and 13 pages of full-color photos. Also includes a bonus postcard. Other artists featured include Inoran of Luna Sea, Gara of Merry, Asagi of D, Akihide of Breakerz, Bansaku of Baroque, and others. This was one of the best selling issues of Rock & Read magazine and is very difficult to find for sale compared to the other issues. Perfect condition, out of print. 1700 yen.

Front Cover

Back cover

Bonus postcard.


Tsuchiya Masami - Mori no Hito

1997 solo album from Tsuchiya Masami features Sakurai Atsushi on guest vocals on two tracks, "Manatsu no Yoru no Mori," ("A Midsummer Night's Forest") and "Goblin Forest." Beyond Sakurai's guest vocals, this is a beautiful album in general, full of mysterious, soothing tracks, including vocals and instrumentals, and incorporating many forest sounds like birdcalls and crickets...great to listen to for relaxation and very possibly one of Cayce's top ten favorite records ever!  Conceived as a concept album against environmental destruction, the case and booklet were printed on recycled paper. The album was recorded in London and released by Cross Records, Sugizo's label. Song samples available on request. Incredibly rare and out of print. Excellent condition.
4500 yen.




If you're interested in buying or reserving anything, send me an email at themadaristocrat at gmail.  If there's an item you're sure you want but you need a few more days/weeks to scrape together the cash, I suggest you email me and request that I hold the item for you, otherwise, there is a possibility someone else will buy it first. I sell all items on a first-come, first-serve basis. I'm willing to put items on reserve for up to a month.