So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick...

By popular demand, I have added a whole new section on This is NOT Greatest Site, entitled Visiting Japan: Helpful Guides. This section contains the Japanese Concert Guide which was previously filed under Articles > Features.

It also contains an ALL-NEW guide, specifically for overseas fans who are thinking of making the trip to Japan in order to see Buck-Tick, appropriately titled, "So You Want to Visit Japan To See Buck-Tick." This all-new guide contains general information about Buck-Tick's tour cycle, as well as specific details about how to purchase tickets to Buck-Tick concerts, rules about what kinds of behavior is and isn't allowed at concerts, recommendations about how to time your visit if you've never seen B-T live before, and some general information about travel in Japan. 

I have been helping overseas fans navigate Japan for many years, and attending Buck-Tick shows for many more years. I guarantee this is the best information you will find on this topic on the English-language internet. If someone else is telling you something differently, they are probably wrong, and if you run into any fangirls on FaceGram who don't like my sense of humor, you can tell them I said that. Spread it far and wide on social media, but please don't copy and paste the various sections. Rather, post a link back to the site.

The FAQ sections are fairly long and involved, but I figured it was better to provide more information rather than less. If you read everything and you still have questions, feel free to contact me. I will add content to this section in the future as I see fit, based on people's queries. If you have any suggestions for things you think I should add, please by all means email me.


  1. Thank you very very very very very much!!!!!!

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  3. Thank you so much for writing this guide. The information is priceless to overseas fans. I have taken the liberty of sharing this link on social media.


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