qüan vie nnâ sigue eÿe

As a group of aging goths with fine tastes, Buck-Tick knows their fanbase well. That is to say, they understand that their fans' mutual pre-existing appreciation for the finer things in life is only enhanced when those fine things bear Buck-Tick's beloved brand name. Friends, I believe this is called "monetization," a word I despise except when it keeps Buck-Tick, Inc. in business.  Last tour they brought us a case of fine wine aged to perfection just as the men themselves have aged, and this tour, they bring us the even more exquisite Eau de Buc-Tique.  But don't take it from me, take it from the band's official website:


The Birth of an Eau de Toilet Toilette, Produced by Buck-Tick

Buck-Tick introduce their all-new fragrance.

Created with the oversight of the band members, using aromatics imported from France, through a long process of testing and evaluation, this light, floral fragrance evokes an elegant air redolent of jasmine, settling over time into a mysterious base note.  We could say that its fragrance changes upon your body just like the shifts and evolutions of melody.

The name is qüan vie nnâ sigue eÿe, conceptualized as a way for you to wear the aura of Buck-Tick on your body throughout the day.

Due to limited supplies of raw materials, the number of bottles is limited.

Through this changing fragrance, Buck-Tick have found a new medium of expression.

Now, they present you with a view of a new world.


Do you hear that, kids?  You can now wear Buck-Tick on your body. Yeah, I thought you would like it. And if you can't figure out what that name means, you should know it's French Russian Buck-Tickistani for "the exquisite corpses." As in that line from "Dada Disco," "the exquisite corpses will drink the young wine."  I already wrote about this in my translation note on NGS, but this phrase, originally French (le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau) arose from a Surrealist parlor game aimed at exploring the subconscious group mind through creating group art. In the game, participants would pass a piece of paper around a circle, adding one phrase at a time to produce a nonsensical sentence similar to a mad lib. Reportedly, this phrase was the first to be produced from the game, and thus became the name of the game.

So if you're wondering what that "mysterious" base note is, perhaps the title will give you a clue. Whether it's closer to rotting zombie flesh or the aroma of sparkly vampires remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: this fragrance is dead, undead, undead, undead. (If you didn't catch that reference you need to study harder to pass your Buck-Tick Fan License Exam.)

Supplies are limited to 3000 bottles of 50 ml each. The price is 7200 yen, tax included. Reservations begin Wednesday at noon, Japan time. I have a feeling this one is going to sell out fast, so if you'd like Cayce's help in buying a bottle, contact me asap.

Or, alternatively, wait for Buck-Tick's next signature fragrances, SNARE by Yagami Toll, and SMELL For Men, by Acchan-chan.

SNARE was conceived as a fragrance specifically for drummers. Produced by Yagami Toll himself, it ensnares the senses (get it?) with a powerful, rhythmic blend of fresh wood, banana, and box wine.

The details of SMELL For Men have yet to be released, but rumor has it that this intoxicating fragrance will be built on a base of musky leather and mid-tones of tequila and kitty litter, with exquisitely sensual top notes of sweaty earphones and armpit hair.



Bitchy Resting Face

Imai gives us a demonstration on how to imitate the face of a teenage boy who hasn't quite admitted to himself that he's started liking girls.


Acchan-chan to Buck-Tick fans: "If a lolita approaches you, under no circumstances should you drop out of Gothface. Lolita is contagious and highly virulent. Gothface is your best defense against infection."


And now ladies (and gents who like dresses), raise your hands if, rather than wearing one of the gowns Kokushoku Sumire are sporting in the photo above, you would prefer wearing one of these layer cakes instead:


Personally I'd have to go with the last one.  Don't you dare tell me the cake is a lie.



P.S. Photos were shamelessly ripped from Imai's blog.  Next up for Imai: a collaboration with Kokushoku Sumire on a song about green cheesecake.


A Days of "Innocence"

This just out, from Fish Tank.  You heard it here first and not on Facebook (burn!)


Higuchi Yutaka to Release His First Book!

Higuchi Yutaka is known for being a passionate fan of the Hanshin Tigers, and for his sweet, agreeable character.

Now we bring you his first story - his unique understanding of Buck-Tick, and half a lifetime so far out of character you can't begin to imagine.

Through this volume, he tells a new story of the beginnings of Buck-Tick, rock band extraordinaire!

This is Higuchi Yutaka, the man.

Release Date: 20140.10.22 Limited release from Tower Records
Price: 3000 yen (tax in)
Publisher: Ongaku to Hito


May y'all live to see interesting times, yo.  Interesting times that put you so far out of character you can't even begin to imagine.  I always knew that kid was kinky.

If you want a copy, email me.  Limited release from Tower Records means it's not going to be sold anywhere else, so give up looking for it on Amazon.  


Double Trouble

It has been announced that our own dear Mr. Imai Hisashi will be performing guest guitar, and more importantly, guest VOCALS (!!!), on Kokushoku Sumire's new album Cosmopolitan. The album is slated for release on November 26th, and will cost 3500 yen plus tax.

What it doesn't say on Buck-Tick's website is that this release by Kokushoku Sumire is an official, sponsored collaboration between Kokushoku Sumire and Cosmopolitan Magazine, and that our two favorite lovely lolita ladies will consequently be appearing on the cover of the Cosmopolitan Japan November issue: SWEET and SEXY, featuring all you ever wanted to know about you guessed it - S-E-X, Lolita Style.

Were you an early bloomer with a thing for bloomers? Want cupcake-print skivvies to cover your muffin?  Looking for the definitive Bad Lemon Cream Soda cocktail recipe? Dying to try these nine NAUGHTY uses of candy in the bedroom?  (Sure to BLOW his LOLLIPOP!) Desperate to know how to get him so hooked on you he'll swear he's your VICTIM OF LOVE?

Wait for it.  It'll all be in there!

(That's what she said too!)

(Maria Anastasia Hisashiyevna Sakuraina is very excited about this.)


In the meantime, dolly girls, just keep on bragging about how you hired THE VOCALIST of BUCK-TICK for your record.

His appearance fees may be high, but we happen to know he accepts payment in "candy" (I MEAN DRUGS SWEET CUPPIN' CAKES)......which you lolita types, sweet-lovers that you are, no doubt have plenty of.




Meanwhile, Buck-Tick's other vocalist is going to have a good cackle over these cute Macbeth-themed Halloween tour t-shirts, featuring a whole cloud of orange bats, one witch, and two pussies. Double Trouble indeed!

(Buck-Tick's other vocalist's pussy likes this.)





...never forget.


The World is Ripe With Darkness

The Blog-Tick Phenomenon proudly presents!

An all-new musical production, with lyrics by Cayce.

Guest vocals were provided by our good friend Hollis Henry, formerly of The Curfew.

Mr. Imai doesn't know about this little tribute of ours, but we're sure that when his daughter finds out, she'll be pleased.

Now what are you waiting for...sing with me!





Disclaimer: we don't claim ownership of this song, but all your cheese are belong to us.


Shopping Service: Birthday Special

It's now been over a year since we first launched This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service, and to celebrate, we're providing a new selection of fabulous fangirly items for you to covet (and, ideally, purchase)...including a first press copy of Buck-Tick's Singles on Digital Video Disc, pristine copies of your favorite photobooks, and two sets of promotional flyers, carefully collected by Cayce over years of tour-following! These flyers were never available for purchase, and with the exception of the Anarchy tour flyers, they're all by definition out of print.  If you ever wanted to wallpaper your room in Buck-Tick, this is your chance. Scroll down for details.

Buck-Tick Singles on Digital Video Disc (Limited Edition)

Released in 2006 as part of Buck-Tick's 20th anniversary promotions, this limited edition DVD set contains the music videos for all of Buck-Tick's singles from "Just One More Kiss" through to "Romance."  Housed in a deluxe LP-sized box, it also comes with a bonus disc containing lots of sexxxy making-of footage, a jumbo booklet full of promo photos from all the single releases, a keychain, and a huge and really awesome poster. Fun fact: Cayce has had this poster hanging on the walls of various apartments for approximately five years.  Anyhow, I can personally say that watching all these music videos in DVD quality is a lot more fun than watching them on YouTube.  You can put them on the big screen and see them in all their crisp glory, delectating over all kinds of details you'd never be able to see on the YouTube screen!  Highly recommended, rare and out of print. Region 2. Perfect condition. Loads of PV screencaps available on BT Zone.  7000 yen. 

The LP-sized box.

Opening the LP-sized box!

A peek inside the LP-sized booklet!

A glimpse of the two DVDs, and the bonus keychain!

The awesome, giant poster. Seriously, it's really big (that's what she said.)


Rock and Read #42

Volume 42 of Rock & Read magazine, with a 32-page cover feature on Sakurai Atsushi, including a long interview and 13 pages of full-color photos. Also includes a bonus postcard. Other artists featured include Inoran of Luna Sea, Gara of Merry, Asagi of D, Akihide of Breakerz, Bansaku of Baroque, and others. This was one of the best selling issues of Rock & Read magazine and is very difficult to find for sale compared to the other issues. Perfect condition, out of print. 1700 yen.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Bonus Postcard

Gawth glare. Wow! Much gawth!



Sakurai Atsushi Solo Photobook

This gorgeous, giant hardcover photobook was released as part of Sakurai Atsushi's solo project.  Contains 158 pages of sexy, arty photographs of dear Mr. Sakurai. Most of the photos are black and white, but a few are in color, including that one that all the fangirls love to make into livejournal icons. This is a must have for any fangirl, though you'll have to take care not to stain the lovely glossy pages with your fangirl juices. Rare and out of print.

This is a pristine, PERFECT CONDITION COPY. Fangirls, you will not see its like again for a very long time. Also, includes the large-sized bonus clear panel that was included as an extra with the original print run. 9000 yen. Special shipping rates apply (this thing is so heavy you could use it as a weapon.)

Bonus Photo Panel!

Front Cover

"Smoke my ciggy baby~~~~~"

Look, it's a glass of "vanilla" vodka!  XARASHO.

ARMPRONZ (see livejournalers I'm learning to speak your language too!)

Slurpee. With me oh yes. (PS for a narration of this photo click here)


Sakurai Atsushi Solo Poem Book

This poem book was released in 2004 as a part of Sakurai Atsushi's solo project.  It contains the text of the lyrics for 52 songs, including most of Sakurai's solo works and many Buck-Tick songs from Kurutta Taiyou, Darker Than Darkness, Six/Nine, Cosmos, Sexy Stream Liner, One Life One Death, and singles. Full list of songs available on request. The book includes numerous photos of Mr. Sakurai, as well as polaroids of his cats which he snapped himself. In addition, there are photocopies of his notebooks, and the text of an additional poem, "Subarashii Ashita," which has been published nowhere else besides this book. The book comes with a bonus DVD with scenes of Mr. Sakurai reciting his own poetry in various artsy settings. This book is very rare, by which I mean, extremely fucking rare! The copy I am selling is in perfect condition and the DVD has never been opened.  13000 yen.

Cover Detail

Lyrics notes.

The rain makes Acchan-chan wet ;)

Balls. I mean, eyeballs.

Who took this pic of Sakurai's feet, eh? Get jealz fangirls. Get real jealz.

"My hair is still wet. From the rain."

For a narration of this picture, click here.


Flyer Set A

These 15 promotional flyers were hand-collected by Cayce over many years of tour following. They're not for sale anywhere and they're out of print by definition. Paste them on your walls, paste them on your toilet, photocopy them and paste them all over your town! 2000 yen.

Arui wa Anarchy foldout flyer, A5 size.

Arui wa Anarchy Tour Goods pamphlet A6 size.

Love & Steppers/Love & Media Portable foldout flyer, double A4 size.

Lingua Sounda flyer, A4 size.

At the Live Inn DVD reissue ad flyer, A4 size.

Love & Media Portable flyer from Tour 2013 Fish Tanker's Only, A5 size.

Love & Media Portable flyer from the Yumemiru Uchuu Tour 2012, A5 size.

Love & Media Portable flyer from the Razzle Dazzle Tour 2010, A5 size.

Yumemiru Uchuu album release flyer, A4 size.

Razzle Dazzle album release flyer, A4 size.

Razzle Dazzle print-on-demand photobook flyer, A4 size.

Buck-Tick DVD reissues ad flyer, A4 size.

Yumemiru Uchuu Tour flyer, A4 size.

Parade 2012 Festival DVD ad flyer, A4 size.

Bonus: a piece of notepaper illustrated by Sakurai Atsushi. This was part of a fan club membership renewal gift in 2009.


Flyer Set B

These 6 promotional flyers were hand-collected by Cayce over many years of tour following. They're not for sale anywhere and they're out of print by definition. These are rare ones and this set I am selling is the only one I have available. This is a completely unique collector's item. 1200 yen.

Dedicate to gang 451 flyer, A4 size.

Miss Take foldout flyer, A4 size.

Hide and Imai guitar flyer, A4 size.

Buck-Tick: The Movie flyer (double sided), A5 size.


Love & Media Portable flyer, A5 size.

Love & Media Portable flyer, A5 size.

Bonus: a piece of notepaper illustrated by Sakurai Atsushi. This was part of a fan club membership renewal gift in 2009.




All inquiries should be sent to themadaristocrat at gmail.