qüan vie nnâ sigue eÿe

As a group of aging goths with fine tastes, Buck-Tick knows their fanbase well. That is to say, they understand that their fans' mutual pre-existing appreciation for the finer things in life is only enhanced when those fine things bear Buck-Tick's beloved brand name. Friends, I believe this is called "monetization," a word I despise except when it keeps Buck-Tick, Inc. in business.  Last tour they brought us a case of fine wine aged to perfection just as the men themselves have aged, and this tour, they bring us the even more exquisite Eau de Buc-Tique.  But don't take it from me, take it from the band's official website:


The Birth of an Eau de Toilet Toilette, Produced by Buck-Tick

Buck-Tick introduce their all-new fragrance.

Created with the oversight of the band members, using aromatics imported from France, through a long process of testing and evaluation, this light, floral fragrance evokes an elegant air redolent of jasmine, settling over time into a mysterious base note.  We could say that its fragrance changes upon your body just like the shifts and evolutions of melody.

The name is qüan vie nnâ sigue eÿe, conceptualized as a way for you to wear the aura of Buck-Tick on your body throughout the day.

Due to limited supplies of raw materials, the number of bottles is limited.

Through this changing fragrance, Buck-Tick have found a new medium of expression.

Now, they present you with a view of a new world.


Do you hear that, kids?  You can now wear Buck-Tick on your body. Yeah, I thought you would like it. And if you can't figure out what that name means, you should know it's French Russian Buck-Tickistani for "the exquisite corpses." As in that line from "Dada Disco," "the exquisite corpses will drink the young wine."  I already wrote about this in my translation note on NGS, but this phrase, originally French (le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau) arose from a Surrealist parlor game aimed at exploring the subconscious group mind through creating group art. In the game, participants would pass a piece of paper around a circle, adding one phrase at a time to produce a nonsensical sentence similar to a mad lib. Reportedly, this phrase was the first to be produced from the game, and thus became the name of the game.

So if you're wondering what that "mysterious" base note is, perhaps the title will give you a clue. Whether it's closer to rotting zombie flesh or the aroma of sparkly vampires remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: this fragrance is dead, undead, undead, undead. (If you didn't catch that reference you need to study harder to pass your Buck-Tick Fan License Exam.)

Supplies are limited to 3000 bottles of 50 ml each. The price is 7200 yen, tax included. Reservations begin Wednesday at noon, Japan time. I have a feeling this one is going to sell out fast, so if you'd like Cayce's help in buying a bottle, contact me asap.

Or, alternatively, wait for Buck-Tick's next signature fragrances, SNARE by Yagami Toll, and SMELL For Men, by Acchan-chan.

SNARE was conceived as a fragrance specifically for drummers. Produced by Yagami Toll himself, it ensnares the senses (get it?) with a powerful, rhythmic blend of fresh wood, banana, and box wine.

The details of SMELL For Men have yet to be released, but rumor has it that this intoxicating fragrance will be built on a base of musky leather and mid-tones of tequila and kitty litter, with exquisitely sensual top notes of sweaty earphones and armpit hair.



  1. 'Cause nothing says "light and floral" like a corpse?

  2. For sure I would buy it if I were not that broke... :(
    Since I am not a drummer, I hope I will be luckier when the SMELL For men is released. Maybe I can lose some kilos and get a little bit stronger just by using it...
    You said TEQUILA? Waw, that's hot! :D

  3. I know that they are still selling it, but, for how long do you think that they will continue selling it? I just hope that it will last till I will be able to buy online, and I hope that you might help me then.

    1. They'll sell it till they run out of stock, no telling how long that will be. The web shop says they still have stock left. The trouble is that Japan does not allow perfume to be shipped internationally and it shows up when they scan the packages, so if you want a bottle you have to either come to Japan to pick it up or engage a courier service to ship it to you.


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