Ticket to Utsunomiya

Babel is released tomorrow, but for now, we're just here for a quick announcement - a friend of ours has become unable to attend Buck-Tick's The Day in Question 2017 show in Utsunomiya this Saturday (that's November 18th, folks), and is offering her ticket to any Blog-Ticker who wants to go to the show in her place. It's a balcony seat, but the venue's not that big, and Utsunomiya is also famous for its gyoza, so whoever goes should be sure to catch a delicious dinner before or after the show! For those of you who don't know, Utsunomiya is a 50 minute bullet train ride from Tokyo (tickets are about 4500 yen one way), or if you go by local train on the Utsunomiya Line, it's about one hour and 40 minutes from Shinjuku (local train tickets are about 2000 yen one way). Anyway, for those of you currently in Tokyo or surrounding areas, this is your chance to enjoy Just One More B-T. The price of the ticket is the original list price, plus fees and shipping. Whoever asks for it first gets it. It you're interested, email us for details.