Fabric Fetishes


As most of you are already aware, The Mortal's live DVD/BluRay Immortal will be released on March 9th, two days after our dear Mr. Sakurai turns a twentieth of a millennium old. Some of you may also be aware that fans who purchase the limited edition of the Immortal DVD or BluRay will be eligible to enter a lottery to win some further extra-special goodies.

In the past, such lottery-only goodies have included everything from miniature band figurines (Sexy Stream Liner), a music box that plays Jupiter (Picture Product...I think), a bouquet of dried blue roses (Gensou no Hana), all kinds of signed posters, pieces of the stage sets, opportunities to be in a B-T music video (25th anniversary-associated releases), invites to a free live show at Akasaka Blitz (Heaven & Galaxy singles) a giant Schaft flag (Schaft Archives) and even Mr. Sakurai's actual coat that he wore for the filming of Longinus (whoever has this coat...if you don't want it anymore, please send it to us because we want to wear it every day.) If you think that sounds like pretty cool stuff, you're not alone, and so far, The Mortal has been up to par - the mail-in lottery prize for purchasing the I Am Mortal album was a copy of the Mr. Sakurai and Skull (or should I say, Mr. Sakurai and Boner?) poster that can be seen adorning the wall of the studio where the PV collection was filmed. Give us more of that bony head, yes please!

Anyhow, this is just to say that if you expected the Immortal lottery prize to be something cool, as well, we forgive you. Past prizes have set high standards and given rise to high expectations. But pretty soon, every cookie crumbles, and today, my friends, is that day.

The Immortal lottery prize has been announced, and it is thus: one hundred (100) lucky fans who mail in their lottery cards will win...

...a postcard containing a scrap of fabric that was cut from Sakurai's stage costume which he wore during the tour.

The announcement on the official website does not say whether the fabric in question has been washed and purged of all Mr. Sakurai's mortal sweat and other associated bodily effluvia, but this is Japan, so we think it would be safe to assume that that shit is clean. Sorry, fans. We know the blow is doubly crushing, because most fabric fetishists prefer dirty knickers as their fetish object of choice, but as Mr. Sakurai has never worn knickers even once in his life, he's never had occasion to get them dirty, so you, my creepy fetish fangirl friends, are, to borrow a Buck-Tickistani phrase, shit out of luck.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to give thanks that The Mortal's marketing team had the sense to stop short of bribing the stylist to scavenge nail clippings from the trash can, hair from the soap on the backstage showers, droplets of moisture from His Recently-Used Toothbrush, itsy-bitsy shavings from His Electric Razor, and all manner of even more inappropriate DNA-containing personal sheddings that we're not even going to talk about because even we know where to draw the line and this is it, my friends. Line Drawn.

I know we promised to enter you in the lottery if you ordered Immortal through us, but in light of these new developments, we have decided to refrain from entering this lottery unless you specifically request that we do so, and send us an extra fee of 100 yen to defray the cost of buying the damn postcard, addressing it by hand, and walking to an actual mailbox to put it in the mail - because entering these mail-in lotteries is actually kind of a bitch, and hitherto we've done it without complaining because we love y'all, but sorry, fans - not this time.

But fetish questions aside - why did they have to cut up his costume, eh? Fetishism aside, it was a beautiful garment and we'd have loved a chance to wear it out to Sunday tea. Yagi Tomoharu must be crying into his sewing box right about now, and we've half a mind to go cry with him.



Covers are Immortal


For the first time ever, Mr. Imai Hisashi will grace the cover of Rock & Read, Japan's number one magazine dedicated entirely to In-Depth Interviews with Hot Rock Dudes (tm). As Mr. Sakurai has been on the cover of Rock & Read not once, not twice, but THREE whole times already (possibly more than any other rock star out there, but I'd have to check on that), this is a momentous event in Buck-Tickistan - could Imai be aiming to usurp the dynasty? Those of you who became Buck-Tick fangirls after looking at pictures of Acchan-chan's face on the internet: Rock & Read says, it's time to look at Imai's face now!

Fuck yeah, look at that face! That is the face of a hero! (He's a hero inside...get it? I suppose you don't get it because you probably never bothered to listen to Schaft because it didn't involve Acchan, but if that's true of you, shame on you.)

Also, just to please us, Imai has brought back our favorite hairdo of his ever - the Memento Mori luscious long locks of love, complete with beauty braids! As Imai's baby grows up it will take more and more of his time and attention, which means more wear and tear, even with proper skin care, folks. Ergo, we may never see Imai looking quite this cool again. And by that I mean, you should buy this magazine! We'll be making a trip to Tower Records to pick up our copies of The Mortal's Immortal DVD, so if you'd like us to get you a copy of this historic issue of Rock & Read while we're at it, let us know.

Oh yeah, and about Immortal...the trailer has been released! You can watch it here:

If you'd like our help with buying the DVD, just drop us a line. As always, we'll be buying all copies at Tower Records, and if you get the DVD at Tower Records it comes with this amazing A5-sized memo pad which is really the perfect thing upon which to write love notes to your dead cat. So if you want it, order the DVD through us! We will also enter you into the extra lottery for more free stuff. Of course there's no guarantee of winning anything but you'll never find out if you don't try.


We promise our live report of The Mortal's tour will be up before the DVD is released. We're extremely sorry it took this long but we've been dealing with some personal problems and they've been taking a bit of a toll on us (though as for Toll, we went for tea and crumpets with him three Sundays ago and he's doing just dandy.)