Updates on Acchan-sama


A little bird told me that the other day on one of those social media platforms that has to do with Faces, Mr. Jake Cloudchair posted the following:

"In the first line of the email, I steeled myself with courage, and wrote the word 'Acchan-sama.'"

Those of you who've been reading Blog-Tick for a while may remember that a few years ago I wrote an entire article about why the name "Acchan-sama" is grammatically impossible in Japanese. This just goes to show that deliberately incorrect grammar is universally entertaining across linguistic boundaries. Wow very grammar! It also goes to show that far from dissipating the magic and sparkles, close proximity to the object of one's affection can actually serve to make the sparkles more intense.


By the way, the same little bird also told me that some fangirls have been commenting on The Mortal's social media Face page thing, complaining that Mr. Sakurai should not stoop to the level of posting such phrases as:

"Right now we're conducting a share campaign on Facebook.
We hope you'll all check the page as often as you can (^_−)−☆"


"Today, we had a release party with the band members and staff!
Nobody can stop talking about this album! Everyone's smiling!!"

(Redundant exclamation points and emoticons are faithfully transcribed from the original posts.)

The fangirls are complaining that posting such comments undermines Mr. Sakurai's artistic dignity and makes it sound like he's prostituting himself for his work.

Now, I realize that, for a lot of y'all, hearing Acchan-chan's name in the same sentence as the word "prostituting" is all kinds of titillating, so it is with great regret that I inform you that in fact, Mr. Sakurai does not write the text of The Mortal's Facebook posts. Sorry, fans. Delegation of that task is left up to The Mortal's promotional manager. The above emoticons are not the emoticons of Mr. Sakurai.

Sorry to crush your world like this, but just as Mr. Sakurai mentioned in his most recent appearance on the Dave Fromm show that according to a Japanese astrologer, in one of his past lives he was a Medieval European torturer and executioner, we too are sadistic and love to cause you pain.



Half a Century of Imai Hisashi


In honor of Mr. Imai Hisashi's 50th BIRTHDAY, we give you, fifty dancing Imais. One for each year of his life to date! Open the fucking champagne people, and let's toast to fifty more brilliant years! Happy birthday Maimai!



...because just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you have to stop wearing the clothes you found when you woke up hungover and disoriented in a dumpster, yet again. We love you Maimai!