Half a Century of Imai Hisashi


In honor of Mr. Imai Hisashi's 50th BIRTHDAY, we give you, fifty dancing Imais. One for each year of his life to date! Open the fucking champagne people, and let's toast to fifty more brilliant years! Happy birthday Maimai!



...because just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you have to stop wearing the clothes you found when you woke up hungover and disoriented in a dumpster, yet again. We love you Maimai!



  1. Happy B-day, dear Mr. Music!
    May you have at least another half of century and may you never lose your music-genius! Kanpai!

  2. Gosh Cayce 50 Imais!!!! Lol!
    I'm just gonna wish him lots of success with Schaft next year and hope he will have some inspiration left for the next BT album.May he always dance and may his hair always be awesome!

  3. I am calling him "Imai Five-OH! haha
    Love those dancing years!


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