Happy 44th Birthday Sakurai Atsushi

Happy birthday, Sakurai Atsushi. Enjoy being the coolest number age ever, it will only last a year!

In addition to the usual birthday wishes of happiness, health, and longevity, here's wishing you a minimum of well-meant but disturbingly inappropriate presents from fans,

Lots of wine and celebration but a minimum of hangovers and liver damage,

Adorable stray cats of Tokyo to follow at your heels as you make your way home,

The lyric-writing rights to Buck-Tick's next single,

And lots of fun with makeup!

No man is ever too old to wear makeup.

Let's hope the interviewer didn't ask stupid questions this time.


(Photos stolen from Imai's blog.)

By the way, if you (my readers) run into any of those fake Sakurai profile pages on sites like Facebook, be sure to friend the person and send them lots of uncomfortable, graphic, fangirly messages, just so they won't feel like they're wasting their time by fooling Japanese fans into believing they're the real band members.


  1. Ha! Great post, and I hate it when people make fake profiles for other people; I don't even understand why they do it. Already 44? If half the people on my block that age looked like that....hmmmm. (lol,just kidding) ^.-

  2. Happy BiTchday to him! ^^ He'll never be too old for make up (actually, the older people get the more make up they wear right? o.O)
    And by the way, which of all the Atsushi facebook accounts are you talking about? o.O Are they really trying to convice fans that they're Sakurai??! o_O Hyahyahya xDD Two friends and I are in charge of the Yutaka Higuchi fanpage there, but you can read it says FANPAGE the minute you get in. By the way, if you ever go there and find sth that you don't like, please let us know ^^ Thanks for all your translations Cayce!

  3. Happy B-day Sakurai-san! *mwah*

    Maybe I'm an idiot, but Yuta has a myspace page, and it looks almost (stress on almost) legit to me. I hate it when people do this.

  4. -_-

    Note that placebothecure and I's yuuta fanpage is harmless and in no way intends to impersonate or offend anyone, it says straight out "yutaka higuchi FANPAGE"

  5. ...but the Atsushi's birthday is 07.03, isn't it?

  6. His birthday is the 7th of March.

  7. i dont think they ever made any social network account like twitter, fb etc


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