Buck-Tick's second single of 2010 will be entitled "Kuchizuke" ("Kiss") and will be released this summer!

"Kuchizuke" was written as the opening theme for the anime "Shiki," slated to air starting July 8th on Fuji Television's noitaminA program. More details will be released as they are decided. NoitaminA airs Thursday nights starting at 1:15AM on Fuji Television, Kansai Television, Tokai Television, and BS Fuji. "Shiki" was based on the manga by Fujisaki Ryuu, which was based on the novel by Ono Fuyumi. Please check the Shiki official website for more information.


Information taken from Buck-Tick's official site.

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  1. p-p-p-preorder time! Thanks, I'm soooo excited! oooo that picture on their website is sooo awesome!


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