RIP Kagerou

It's not Buck-Tick news, but when I think of all the pleasure I derived from listening to the perfect, incomprehensible blend of beautiful melody and shrieking Tourette's syndrome that was the band Kagerou's indie sound, I feel compelled to post anyway. Daisuke, vocalist of Kagerou and later of the studs, passed away July 15th. Kagerou was one of the last bands with that authenticity of raw exploding youthful energy and anger and disgust, that leering obsession with melodrama that was what made visual rock fantastic. I was sorry to hear it when Kagerou broke up, and I'm very sorry to hear that Daisuke's gone. The world loses artists every day, but that doesn't make it a better world. "Live Fast, Die Young" may be a rock star's motto, but for a moment, I'd like everyone to memento mori.

Life isn't a joke. You've only got one, and what you choose to do with it is up to you. If late nights and consuming substances appeals, go ahead, live the self-destructive rock star life. Just remember, whether your time is short or long: it's up to you not to waste it. It's up to you to love people and to tell them how much you love them. It's up to you to pursue your dreams and not get mired in self-doubt. It's up to you to take care in what you say, so you won't have to regret things later. Life isn't a dull void to be whittled away in mundane routine. It's a vast chaos of untold possibility: you just have to see it, and try to live every day so that whenever you die, you've done something to make your time worth it.

So raise a glass to Daisuke and the last days of visual kei. Keep your friends close. And while you're toasting, toast me and this blog as well because face it, when will you ever again hear me speak with so much honesty and so little sarcasm?


  1. OMG, he was young...wasn't he like 30 something? I hope it was painless and peaceful....

  2. truly wiser words have never been spoken. i feel like you spoke to me personally today luv. i needed these words more than you know. rip daisuke. i raise my water and cigarette to blog tick, visual kei, buck tick, mistress cayce and co, the BiTches, my friends, and my family. here's to the laughter, to the love, to the light. to the life less ordinary. my black heart bleeds for you all.

  3. I only knew Daisuke through the studs, and not very well at that, but I can't help but feel this sort of thing affects anyone who's a fan of the genre in general. You always worry that the wild life will catch up with someone, and when it does...

    I'm horrible at sentiment, and I feel like I'm not doing his memory justice, but I raise my glass to Daisuke, and walk away with my heart a little heavier.


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