Memento Razzle Dazzle

They may look like a normal white towel and de-labeled bottle of Volvic, and they are. But that misses the point of mad fan fetishism, which is: that towel may be bone dry now, but it started its little life soaked in water, curled up and tightly gripped in the dexterous guitarists' fingers of Hoshino Hidehiko!

And the water bottle, oh the water bottle! It may have never been unsealed and had its contents sucked out by that smeary lipsticked mouth, but...for a brief period of time, it was in fact the possession of Sakurai Atsushi! Zomg!

If the pick looks like confetti, that's just because Higuchi Yutaka showers them upon the audience several times per show. But, it belonged to lil U-ta~~!!! Come on guys, ain't it time for a squee?

Gifts from the band members to some lucky fans on the latest tour. And, to put your minds at ease, I can tell you all that no one was kicked, clawed or black-eyed in the receiving.


  1. i was thinking lately...how to send imai san an e-mail? i can't find a right button ^^
    and besides i totaly agree...i don't squee much but now...OMG lucky you!!! XD

  2. i was thinking how to send an e-mail to imai-san?
    and besides...OMG lucky you! SQUEEEEE!! :D

  3. Thank You... oh excuse me, this wasnt a translation?

  4. I'm so jealous...
    I'm glad you enjoyed the shows~

  5. you deserved it, as one of their biggest fans.


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