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In addition to the bandwidth-heavy and copyright protected image gallery on the HMV Japan website, Buck-Tick Victor's YouTube channel has uploaded a trailer advertising the new Buck-Tick best of the Victor years box of discs that will be released on Mr. Sakurai's birthday in order to carpetbomb your bank account so you can't afford to send Acchan a statue of your body cast in chocolate for his birthday this year, which is really too bad, I was looking forward to seeing those, it would be like an edible wax museum, but creepier.

Speaking of which, there was a wax figure of Ryuichi Sakamoto on display at the wax museum on Odaiba for several months last year, but I didn't go see it even though all my YMO-fan friends were dying to take me, mostly out of lack of free time. I think I could handle a wax Ryuichi, but I'm not sure I could handle a wax Imai.

Anyhow, the HMV gallery hasn't been rick-rolled yet, and the trailer has titles that are almost as 80's as the videos it contains, so what are you waiting for, go squee over them.

Also, they are currently taking applications from Buck-Tick copybands who want to be on the new tribute album, so if you think you can do a killer Acchan impersonation, what are you waiting for?


  1. Best Buck-Tick cover band is probably B-T-K. That vocalist really sounds like Sakurai. Although you can hear a bit difference.

  2. Well I must confess I was kidding about Buck-Tick taking applications from Buck-Tick cover bands to be on their tribute album...they aren't doing that, I just wanted to draw people's attention to the many highly amusing videos of Buck-Tick cover bands that are up on YouTube. And yeah...Maou from B-T-K...he's a special dude. I think the difference you can hear may be, one sings flat, the other doesn't.

    Sadly about after five years of impersonating Buck-Tick, B-T-K recently broke up.

  3. /plays catch up on the blog after stupid long time of busy.

    Gotta say, I laughed out loud at the notion of B-T having cover bands for a tribute album. Worst thing is, now I kind of want it to happen, just for the train wreck factor :)


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