Have a Brilliant Future for Future

Whatever punk uploaded this video disabled embedding, so you'll just have to click on the link to find out what it is.

They didn't even have much of a fan following back then.

Sakurai (or should I say, "Vocal Devil Man") had just switched from drums to vocals.

Perhaps the one and only video still out there of "Vaccum Dream" being performed live.

Also, though we know Vocal Devil Man's vocal devil technique will get a lot better in his brilliant future for future, note that Mr. Higuchi already can play a pretty mean bass guitar.

But they totally fall to pieces on "Plastic Syndrome."

In so many ways, this is amazing.

And NO snarky comments, I mean it (looking at you Angel Tears.) This is history.


  1. Oh my god. That is - and I mean it in all seriousness and non fangirlishness - amazing. I have seen the Hinan Go Go vids on YouTube but I had never seen anything as early as this for the current line up. It's like finding the missing link! Thank you - I love me some videoed rock history in the making :)

  2. That was HUGELY entertaining and it's weird how they remind me of a Buck Tick cover band, lol. My god they have come so far!! But you can still see the early chops in everybody. Wonderful diamonds in the rough at this stage.

  3. Lol, that video is really old. Thanks for showing.

  4. As Chinese proverb says "The loftiest towers rise from the ground"..
    They are are just being natural, young, adventurous and fearless, just the way we are supposed to be to achieve our goals.
    I, personally, learn a lot of things from them.
    It is just a real present to see the birth of legends^^


  5. This is pure awesomeness. It's almost moving to think how they were able to evolve from their rough talent!



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