Yumemiru Uchuu Art

And here's the new publicity photo you've all been waiting for.  Old chum, it would appear that life is a cabaret...but also a tea party.

And here is the cover of the regular edition of the album.  Lucy is back and practically dripping in diamonds!  And on further consideration, this artwork also oddly reminds me of the layouts for Not Greatest Site, both old and new.  All these years of serving Buck-Tick must have put us on the same brainwave!

And here is the limited edition cover.  Gustav Klimt is suing for copyright infringement.


  1. Well, for my money they were leaning in this style direction with RAZZLE DAZZLE, so I'm glad to see them go all the way. Knee-boots all round!

    Really, I can't wait for this album and i am so gutted I can't make the tour.

  2. Wow, seems like you posted this article just a little while ago =O.
    I found your blog, when I was in the UK now, on my androidphone ^_^... you´ve got a new reader who admires you and your translation skills and the love for Buck Tick =).

    Well, I also thought that this is going to be like this, but it sounds great, really! The idea with the B and the T is just great, I belive that Imai was the one, who came up with that idea =D.
    Also like the pictures, they really fit the name of the album!

    I also thank you so much for all those long and awesome articles you write about B-T for all of us! I really enjoy reading them, because of this typical sometimes mystic B-T atmosphere, but then again, you write with great humor that I realy like. ;-D
    Greedings from Austria!

  3. I love the style of it!

  4. Hello Cayce,
    and thank you so much for your translations& updates& live reports that spiced up my end-of summer :) While was browsing through older posts, it dawned on me that the Klimt painting is actually called goldfish and I was thinking, isn't that the sort of cute thing Mr Imai would think of as a special gift to fishtankers as well? So if the new album is not reason enough to put on dancing shoes, this definitely should be, me guesses :)


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