Don't Stop Wining

An update from the Buck-Tick Vineyards, otherwise known as Imai's Winehouse.

The wine can be purchased here.

If you hire a shopping service or a Japanese person to buy it for you, you can buy it from overseas, too.  Be aware that drinking while underage is a crime and they won't sell it to you if you look less than a third of Acchan-sama's age.  Also you can't cancel the order once you place it so you had better really mean it.  Or send it to me, because I mean it.  The wine will be delivered to your supremely Epicurean doorstep sometime in April.  Devil, Angel, and Epicurean, let's go.




The copy on the wine page reads:

"The Buck-Tick members have always enjoyed their wine.
This time, after a wine-tasting,
In which numerous options were presented to them,
All the members together selected and named these:
The red 'Diabolo,' the white 'L'Ange.'
The band members themselves selected the taste,
And produced the appearance of the label and the box
For this wine set, which is forever one-of-a-kind.
As fitting decoration for their 25th anniversary
We urge you to taste a drop of their world."




Details on the wines:

Diabolo is a dry blend of Cabernet and Syrah, and is described as, "A beautiful deep garnet-color, almost black, this wine is redolent of violets and black fruits. Its rich, thick flavor leaves a beautiful, elegant, lingering finish."

L'Ange is a dry Chardonnay, and is described as, "Perfumed with scents of ripe peach and vanilla, this crisp Chardonnay has a gentle, rich and creamy touch.  Hand crafted with old-world aplomb from harvest to fermentation."

Both wines hail from Chile, and both are about 15% alcohol.




Fun fact #1: Toll's favorite kind of wine is the kind of wine that comes in a box.  With a spout attached.  This wine does come in a box though so I guess it technically counts...

Fun fact #2: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has recently got her own wine production deal with Yellow Tail, for limited edition Kyary-brand Yellowtail Pink Moscato.  Who will win in the War of the Wines?  It remains to be seen.  But I can tell you that until a secret admirer sends me a case of Buck-Tick, I Cayce, will be drinking Kyary.

Fun fact #3: Cayce can't afford that damn wine but does own an awful lot of really cool red glasses.  More like, rose-colored glasses, I suppose. Or maybe, pink moscato colored glasses.

Fun fact #4: Pink moscato is Acchan's favorite color.  He'll be drinking Kyary too.


  1. Imai Hisashi likes this.

  2. delana likes this. and wine, red& dry :) and cayce's fun facts (mr sakurai likes pink? really? *blink blink*)if i ever get to visit japan, a couple of good old fashioned european wines will be in my bag for cayce and that is a promise!

  3. Heh, Hisashi, don´t you wanna stop commenting everywhere that you like this? ^_^
    So I was right about Cabernet! At least partially...
    Cayce must afford that damn wine!

  4. This makes me want to understand more about wine *sigh* Oh, the luxurious life I'm losing...


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