Calling all Blog-Tickers in San Francisco!

And now, for an unusual announcement.

KAME'S BACK!! (sort of)

For those of you who have been following This is Not Greatest Site since the beginning, you may recall that Kame was the original website designer, or, in hokey 90's terms, the original webmistress.  She quit the webmistress position at the end of 2009, and Cayce has been managing the site largely independently since that time.

Why did Kame quit, you ask?  The short answer is, the Silicon Valley hotshots gave her an offer she couldn't refuse.  Now she's located in the Bay Area, where she occasionally samples Jack Dorsey's curated whiskey collection, among other duties.

Anyhow...currently, Kame is working on some plans for a new j-rock-related project that you will just ooooh so love, and she's interested in meeting up with any Blog-Tick readers who might be in the area. Want to learn all about it? You can talk to her in person this Saturday at Dir en grey's show at the Regency Ballroom.

Can't make it to Dir en grey's show? You really should talk to her anyway. Interested? Contact Cayce, and Cayce will connect you to Kame (like a phone operator, but not.)

Going to the show, but too shy to approach her in person?  Get over it!  She's really friendly!

Look for the small, short-haired blonde wearing a polka dot headscarf and this dress:

and this jacket:

A likely place to spot her will be by the bar, getting sloshed on Franzia. Because that is what classy Californians do.

Actually the Franzia is a lie. We don't even know if they sell Franzia at the Regency Ballroom. Kame will probably be drinking voldka sodas, and complaining about Franzia. Not that it matters.

So yeah. Blondie in a polka dot dress...like Debbie Harry but younger and with more Angelic Pretty and sad to say, probably not quite as cool as Debbie Harry...but, she built this site eight years ago.  Go say hello.  You won't be sorry.

By the way, the cake is also a lie.


  1. Rofl... now I've got this image of myself as some Silicon Valley douche building a J-Rock appfacetweetsocialconnector.

  2. Cayce or Kame, Europe is waiting for u both ;)

  3. Hm, San Francisco is more than 9000km away from where I live. What a shame. :-/
    I wish all the Buck Tick fans on this planet could go through a B-T tunnel and meet somewhere to dance to j-rock and party all night long!

  4. If I were in SF, I totally would. But sadly, I am not. :(

  5. Good luck with the project! Hope you'll keep us updated.
    On a side note: I've been having problems accessing NOT Greatest Site lately, it says a system error has occured. Anyone with similar issues? Maybe Kame can help?


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