DIQ 2013 Live Report

It's posted, over at Not Greatest Site.

They put on a great show this year.

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  1. Oh man! A bunch of my favorite songs in there--I'm so jealous! Thanks for letting us experience it vicariously...

  2. Super excited that there's confirmation they're already working on a new album. Thank you for the beautiful report!

  3. Wow, this is simply fantastic. Am I wrong or was this the best DIQ so far? If they go on like this I doubt that they´ll ever stop being fabulous!
    I´m looking forward to the DVD of this and the new album so much!
    And thank you for the report. I´ve always wondered how "DIQ" was pronounced, hehe ^~ ^.

  4. Thanks for the great report, as always. Next best thing to being there!

    (And in my head, I always pronounce it as "deek", I don;t know why).

  5. Thank you for the wonderful report. Sounds amazing as usual! I can't believe they haven't played Dress live since 2005. I would do pretty much anything to hear my favorite B-T song live. And it seems that they like to re-arrange Dress a lot. Ha.

  6. I guess this is as good a time as any to ask; What does "SE" stand for? I've never quite figured it out. I used to think it was "Special Entrance" since it usually applied to entrance music, but then I've also seen it applied to mid-show instrumental breaks so I've got no clue anymore and Google hasn't been helpful.


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