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Today, This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service is please to bring you special new stock of Buck-Tick crap from your Most Favorite Tour Ever - 13th Floor!  Even in Japan, 13th-Floor-related items remain the most popular, difficult and expensive to track down. Every item on this list is rare and hard to come by. We're amazed we managed to come by so much of this stuff at the same time! If you're interested in any of these items, I recommend you contact me immediately, because once they're gone, they're gone. With the exception of the discs, it might take me quite a while to track down another similar item. But without further ado, let's take a look at the stash:

13th Floor With Diana DVD First Press

This ever-coveted item is a two-disc set housed in a beautiful hardcover cardboard case, and includes a full-color photobook full of photos of the band performing live. The first disc includes complete footage of the band performing all the songs on the Juusankai wa Gekkou album live at NHK Hall, with guest appearances by Becky Janik as The Ballerina, Gaetano Taro as The Clown, and Tony West as The Kid.  The second disc includes live videos of "Yuuwaku" and "Sapphire," and a multi-angle version of "Aku no Hana."  The particular copy I have on offer right now is not in perfect condition - its previous owner spilled something on it and there are a few traces of crud still stuck to the outside of the case (as you can see in the photo.) Therefore, I'm offering this at a slightly lower price than normal. The inside of the case and the photobook are in perfect condition, and so are the discs. This item is rare and out of print. 9000 yen.


Romance Single First Press

First-press copy of the Romance single includes the single mixes of songs "Romance" and "Diabolo," which differ from the album mixes. It also comes with a special cover illustration and a bonus DVD with a live video of "Love Me" from the Day in Question 2004. Includes obi. Perfect condition. Rare and out of print. 1800 yen.


13th Floor With Moonshine Tour Pamphlet A

This matte hardcover tour pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case, and contains 64 full-color pages of studio photography of the band members waltzing around gothically, showing off their sexy tophats, and, in the case of Hoshino Hidehiko, leering up the ballerina's tutu. Widely regarded as Buck-Tick's Best Tour Pamphlet Evar. Extremely rare and out of print. Perfect condition. 6000 yen.

Hoshino Hidehiko checks out some ballerina booty.

Toll angsts over the fact that the tophat won't fit over his hair.

Acchan-chan is only holding this ballerina because he hasn't met Mary Sue yet, amiright???


13th Floor With Moonshine Tour Pamphlet B

This glossy hardcover tour pamphlet is the size of a standard DVD case, and contains 64 full-color pages of live photography from the 13th Floor With Moonshine Tour.  It was hard to photograph due to the glossy pages, so the sample photos don't quite do it justice, but really, this is a beautiful photobook. Aside from a small scratch on the front cover (visible in the first photo), it's in perfect condition. Extremely rare and out of print. 5500 yen.

Sakurai really gets off on putting scarves on his head.


NEWSMAKER 13th Floor Special

This softcover, 57-page magazine-style book published by Newsmaker covers the production process for the 13th Floor With Moonshine tour, from the concept art to the stage design to the costuming to the actual performance. This book will be of particular interest to fans who want to know more about the band's behind-the-scenes creative process.  13th Floor was the only tour for which Buck-Tick published such a book, making this book one-of-a-kind. Once upon a time it was easy to come by, but these days it's very rare. The copy I have on offer is in perfect condition. 6000 yen.


Tenshi no Revolver Tote Bag

Okay, so it's not technically 13th Floor, but the rose motif on this tote bag maintains the same romantigoth spirit that made 13th Floor special. The tote bag is made of highly durable nylon and has a flat bottom to accommodate a large amount of heavy cargo. You could easily use it to carry around textbooks, groceries, wine bottles, etc. It has never been used and is in mint condition, and is now completely unavailable, as it was only sold at the goods booth on the Tenshi no Revolver Tour and sold out from the Buck-Tick web shop years ago. The dimensions are 30 by 35 centimeters. 3500 yen. Leopard print rug not included.



If you're interested in buying or reserving anything, send me an email at themadaristocrat at gmail.  If there's an item you're sure you want but you need a few more days/weeks to scrape together the cash, I suggest you email me and request that I hold the item for you, otherwise, there is a possibility someone else will buy it first. I sell all items on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I'm willing to put items on reserve for up to a month.

Finally, a reminder of the other rare or unusual items I currently have available. Click on each item for more details.

Rock & Read Volume 42 (cover featuring Sakurai Atsushi)

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