Lunatic Festival Updates

For those of you who were wondering whether the Lunatic Festival will be broadcast on TV, the answer is yes: a broadcast of the festival including live streaming, interviews and a digest of footage of the various bands will be broadcast on Fuji Television Next on June 28th between 6PM and 7PM. Then, starting from 7PM, Luna Sea's entire set will be broadcast live. A rerun of the broadcast will air on Friday, July 31st between 11PM and 1AM, while a longer, more in-depth broadcast will air on Saturday, August 29th between 5PM and 10PM, and it may be that we'll get more footage of each band then. The official website of the TV broadcast is here: http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/lunaticfest/.

In addition, the timetable and stage layout have been announced. Both are a bit hard to interpret, and frankly the user interface person who designed the diagrams ought to be fired immediately, but looking at the stage diagrams, it looks as if bands playing on the smaller Fate Stage and Shine Stage will trade off, whereas performances on the large Moon Stage will take place independently and simultaneously...though I may be wrong about this. In any case, Buck-Tick will be performing starting at 5:40PM on the Moon Stage, and will play for approximately 50 minutes before Luna Sea take the stage for their headlining set.

Though the official festival rules declare that beach chairs and parasols are expressly banned, last time I checked, Makuhari Messe was an indoor venue, so unless they've installed a rain machine of their very own, inclement weather should pose very little threat to the proceedings, barring a typhoon (perish the thought!)

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