A Mortal Offer


Hi Blog-Tickers. We are here to announce a special offer from This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service! 

Normally, we charge 700 yen per disc for custom orders from Tower Records, but this time, if you order BOTH The Mortal's mini-album Spirit and full album As Yet Untitled Album through This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service and donate your application tickets to the in-store event to NGS, we will cut the fee in half!

Also, you have our assurances that we will personally buy the copies of the album at Tower Records Shibuya, meaning that you will get the special bonus stickers which are available only at Tower. In addition, we will package your order in such a way as to avoid customs fees in your country, which CD Japan will not do.

Why are we doing this? Because with your application tickets, we have more chances to enter the lottery for admittance to the in-store event at Tower, and therefore to write a report about said event for NGS/Blog-Tick. So if you're interested in helping us, email Cayce at themadaristocrat at gmail to reserve your CDs today!



  1. I'm doing this! :D

  2. I was wondering if you could tell me how much the two cds(mini album spirit and full album) would be in U.S. dollars? please! thank you for all the great info on B-T especially that on Mr.Sakurai,you're the best.

    1. If you're curious about buying the CDs, please email me directly. If you want to do currency conversions, I suggest using the website www.xe.com.


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