Chandelier Lottery

Hi, folks.

As you may have noticed, everything is terrible. However, there should still be no reason why we can't have nice things.

As such, the wheels of capitalist opportunism turn apace, and this time, those wheels are grinding on the chandeliers used to decorate Yokohama Arena during Climax Together 3rd. As a part of Pia's Remember Project, various memorabilia items impregnated with bits and pieces of those chandeliers could be yours as keepsakes! Previously, the Remember Project has made memorial goods out of bits of the now-demolished Nihon Seinenkan, where Buck-Tick held their Great East Japan Earthquake charity concert in 2013. They have also made memorial goods out of the scrapped old seats from Yokohama Arena, bits of the now-demolished Hotel Okura, and bits of the soon-to-be-demolished Tokyo National Gymnasium. All they're missing are pieces of the now-demolished Shibuya Kokaido, may the dreamy cosmos have mercy on its soul. Why are all these buildings being demolished, you ask? Well, better to demolish them in advance than to wait for an earthquake to come along, right? Also, the International Olympic Committee demanded their destruction as blood payment for the sacred right to hold the Olympics in Tokyo. Wanton destruction is all the rage right now, so it's no wonder that Buck-Tick's management have partnered with Pia to demolish some of the Climax Together 3rd chandeliers in order to create limited quantities of the following eight select items, including miniature chandeliers and more. The items will be available through a lottery which opens on November 21st. All proceeds will be donated to post-quake reconstruction efforts in Kumamoto.

The items are as follows:

It's hard to see how this necklace includes a piece of a chandelier, but if you liked the Climax Together 3rd astral globe symbol design, maybe this is the necklace for you, if you have 11,000 yen to burn. Quantities of this item are limited to 1,000 only. For the price, you'd better hope the metal bit is real silver, but they don't say anything about that on the site, so it might very well not be.

Then again, if you have Ears of Steel, why not go for these chandelier earrings instead? After all, once you put them on, you'll look like a walking chandelier yourself, so maybe if you're lucky, Acchan-chan will decide to hang you from his living room ceiling. At 12,000 yen, the earrings are even more expensive than the necklace, but they have a more Climactic feel, in our opinion, so money well spent! Quantities are limited to 1,000 only.

Here's an item for fanlings of more modest means: a keyholder with a leather strap and one of the smaller chandelier crystals. These are quite affordable, at only 3000 yen each, but quantities are limited to 1,000 only, so if you win one, you're a lucky ducky.

If the above keyholder wasn't opulent enough for you, here's another fancier one. Look...the Climax Together symbol is cut into the glass itself! This one's a little more expensive at 3500 yen, and also limited to 1,000 only. On the plus side, if you win it, you could definitely take it apart and make it into a better necklace than the one pictured above.

And now for the mini-chandeliers! Honestly, we're not sure if these things quite count as "chandeliers," seeing as none of them could be hung from Acchan-chan's living room ceiling. However, if you're one of those Goth Lite people who never read Interview With the Vampire but liked the movie, proudly hangs your Edward Gorey calendar on the wall next to your coat rack hung with a rainbow of North Face anoraks in different colors, thinks Lorde's purple lipstick is really edgy, and found out about Buck-Tick through Trinity Blood, these are probably just about the right speed of chandelier for you.

Mini Chandelier A

Wouldn't this make a darling desk lamp? At 50 cm tall by 20 cm wide, it's just big enough to illuminate your smutty Toll fanarts and nothing else. At only 20,000 yen, this is a steal! Plus, it's engraved with the Climax Together logo and its own serial number. There are only 150 of them available. Fight for it, kids.

Mini Chandelier B

On the other hand, if you're the type who always wanted to try having a Beauty and the Beast-style candlelit dinner but is mortally afraid of real fire, this one might be the perfect choice. At 23 cm high by 11 cm wide, it's teeny tiny enough to fit on your dinner table. It's a little bit pricier at 24,500 yen, but there are only 19 of them available so if you win one you're a special snowflake.

Mini Chandelier C

If you liked the chandelier above but felt that it didn't really spread the crystals wide enough to make optimum cat toys, then this is the chandelier for you. Its side brackets are reminiscent of lily petal or jellyfish arms, and they spread those dangling crystals out so they're irresistible to cats! Bonus points if you shine a laser pointer through the faceted glass! Bengal kitties in particular are known for their need to investigate/play with/destroy absolutely everything in your house, so this chandelier might be your ticket to Acchan-chan's heart if you give it to him as a peace offering to replace all the chandeliers he has already lost to the wild and ebullient passions of Young Miss Kurumi. This one is also 24,500 yen, but more special, because there are only nine of them.

Mini Chandelier D

Aaand...last but not least! The Phallic Symbol Chandelier! This is Buck-Tick's Climax, after all, so you knew that was coming (no pun intended!) Its elegant, spidery legs call to mine the image of a lover up on tiptoe, trembling with anticipation, while its long festoons of silver crystals evoke a myriad of Buck-Tick imagery, from the Irregular Crystals of Love in "PINOA ICCHIO," to "Heroin -Angel Dust Mix-" to whatever those "countless crystals" were that Mr. Sakurai swallowed in "Glamorous" to that "sea spray" Mr. Sakurai was swimming in in "IN". This one's the winner. This one is going to make Buck-Tickistan great again. If, that is, you have the money: all 60,000 yen of it. And there are only nine of them. One for each of your nine new worlds. One for each of the nine lives you lost last night as you tried to kill yourself repeatedly.


But please, my American Blog-Ticker friends. Don't despair. As of last night, Buck-Tickistan have announced they will begin reviewing asylum applications from refugees fleeing the chaotic ravages of terror in the United States of America. Application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy of the Anarchic Republic of Buck-Tickistan. If you need any help filling them out, feel free to ask us for assistance.

And if you like the look of the above items and you want a piece of Climax Together climaxing in your house forevermore, but you need help entering the lottery, let us know before November 21st. Like we said. Wherever you are in the world, we're always happy to help you climax.



  1. Wow.The one for 60000 Yen though.
    Are you planning on getting one of these? If yes, which one would you recommend?

  2. Wish I could have nice things too, lol.We finally saw the chandeliers from that Wowow broadcast. Chandeliers aside tho, the fangirls are bursting left and right because of some stockings or smth during the tour. Hoping that Mr Sakurai's midlife crisis expands to some other body parts too until the tour ends. :P Looking forward to your articles and reports as usual. Thank you!

  3. Some are rather cute,in a disney way... Anyhoo so looking forward to the reports! :) But by looking at the wow broadcast, I can't help but wonder whether fans acted nicely and danced along this time (I mean they even had the muma song so they must have right?)


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