Best of Buck-Tick: How to Vote

Many of you have asked about how to vote for songs to go on the Best of Buck-Tick: 30th anniversary edition, so here's our step-by-step how-to guide.

Step 1. Read "The Best of Buck-Tick, Part I" and "The Best of Buck-Tick, Part II" right here on Blog-Tick, to remind yourself of the existence of some of the great Buck-Tick songs you may have forgotten about.

Step 2. If you were considering voting for "Muma -The Nightmare-" even for a brief moment, don't. Not only is it the most annoying song Buck-Tick have ever written, it was also on their previous two anniversary best albums. Nobody loves it anymore and neither should you.

Step 3. Here are the track lists of Buck-Tick's previous two anniversary best-of albums. Don't vote for any of the songs on here if you can help it. See how many of the same songs are on both of these albums already? Also, see how most of these are singles, album title tracks, massive fan favorites, or songs that had just been released at the time this album was released? That's how shallow most B-T fans are, apparently. Don't let this be you.

20th Anniversary Best (Catalogue 2005)
Disc 1
01. Hurry Up Mode
02. Sexual XXXXX!
03. Physical Neurose
04. Just One More Kiss
05. Speed
06. Sakura
07. Jupiter
08. Angelic Conversation
09. Iconoclasm
10. Aku no Hana
11. Dress
12. Kodou
13. Uta
14. Candy
15. Cosmos
18. My Fuckin' Valentine
19. Miu

Disc 2
01. Glamorous
02. Baby, I Want You
03. Rhapsody
04. Flame
05. Shippu no Blade Runner
06. 21st Cherry Boy
07. Kyoktou Yori Ai wo Komete
08. Long Distance Call
09. Zangai
10. Girl
11. Mona Lisa
12. Gensou no Hana
13. Nocturne -Rain Song-
14. Muma -who the fuck likes this song and why-
15. Romance
16. Diabolo

25th Anniversary Best (Catalog Victor-Mercury-Ariola)

Disc 1 Catalog Victor-Mercury 87-99 (a.k.a most of these were already on the far superior best-of collection BT back in the 90's)
01. Just One More Kiss
02. Aku no Hana
03. Speed
04. Mad
05. Jupiter
06. Dress
07. Die
08. Uta
09. Kodou
10. Mienai Mono wo Miyou to Suru Gokai, Subete Gokai da
11. Candy
12. Heroin
13. Sasayaki
14. Gessekai
15. Bran-New Lover
16. Miu

Disc 2 Catalog Ariola 00-10 (basically just a singles collection)
01. Glamorous
02. 21st Cherry Boy
03. Kyokutou I Love You
04. Zangai
05. Gensou no Hana
06. Romance
07. Kagerou
08. Rendezvous
09. Alice in Wonder Underfart
10. Heaven
11. Galaxy
12. Dokudanjou Beauty
13. Kuchizuke

Step 4. Go to the voting page, here.

Step 5. Vote away! You can vote for one single track and one album track, so vote wisely. Click on the "track list" for each album to get a drop-down menu with all the songs, then click the song you want. The songs you request will appear in the box below.

Step 6. When you've selected your songs, hit the big button at the bottom that says 「リクエストする」. A small box will pop up where you enter personal info.

Step 7. In the small pop-up box, select your age: under 10 / teens / twenties / thirties / forties / fifties / over sixty.

Step 8. Next, select your sex: 女性 for female, 男性 for male. Victor doesn't believe in non-binary gender. Sorry, fans.

Step 9. Write-in your location. Rather than the nebulous 「海外」 ("overseas") I suggest you disabuse some more Japanese people of the notion that the world is divided into Japanese people and gaijin by writing the country you're from, to give Victor an inkling that Buck-Tick have fans all over the world.

Step 10. Add your personal message, up to 200 characters.

Step 11. Click 「送信内容の確認」to confirm your entry.

Step 12. Click the red button to confirm and send your request. Click the grey button to revise your request before you send it.


Voting stays open until 11:59 PM on June 30th, so you have plenty of time to carefully consider your request before voting. Happy voting!


  1. Thank U so much ! Your description was complete . Can we vote infinite ? for example I vote to "tight rope" from single than "Ai no Souretsu" from album . Can I vote one more time to another songs ?

    1. I think if you want to vote more than once you need a new IP address, but admittedly, I haven't tested that yet.

    2. seems it is possible to vote many times .

    3. Regen Rainy, are you German?

      (I hope you will forgive me for asking this and therefore sidetracking, Cayce. It's just that I haven't yet really encountered other European people that are fans, so I'm curious.)

    4. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to each other and make friends! Blog-Tick has a lot of European readers. You're not the only one!

    5. There must be, if I look at the stats! However, they always seem to be hiding...

      ... just like me I suppose.

  2. and another thing ! Why Mamu_nightmare is bad song to U !!! I don't understand ! It is a great song full of emotion !!! so Why !!!

    1. Because it's repetitive and annoying. It's not very interesting compared to the other songs on the album. The band members barely play their instruments - it's mostly electronic backbeat. And yet the band have played it on practically every tour since it came out. I'm so bored with it I could scream. Also people have voted it onto the previous two best albums, so give it a rest already. It's had its day.

    2. But i'm not agree to U ! In my opinion a best song must be in a best album ! No matter how many times it is repeated . I feel this band also like this song Because the song is repeated in almost all concerts by B-T guys .

    3. Even if you like the song, surely you can see why it doesn't make sense to vote it onto another best album.

  3. I want to vote to "Sassayaki" but I couldn't found it ! Can U help me to find this song here :
    Just say me which album is this song in ?

    1. It's either on the single side, as 囁き, or on the album side as Track 8 on Sexy Stream Liner.

  4. Yes, you can vote more than once, I've voted like 4-5 times... (Rokugatsu no Okinawa, Satan, Zangai -can't help it, love zangai too much-, Melancholia-electria, Boy SEPTEM, Kain, Kalavinka, I don't remember the others)

    And yesh..please everyone! write the country you are from!! Let them know that B-T fans are not only Japanese !!

    1. Great . me too . I vote too many time more than once . Of course they must to know how many they are popular in the world and their work is wonderful .

  5. Eu amo Muma mas concordo em escolher alguma coisa diferente

  6. Thank you Cayce for this! Can't wait to get started on voting, planning to dedicate a few hours this weekend,once i will put work on the side. Catalina - from Romania in europe ( i have a hubch there's only one other Romanian fan out there but I may bw wrong)

  7. Do U know how many songs license to be in the best album ?

    1. There's no way of knowing, but going by previous releases, my guess would be that it'll be a 2-disc set with 13-16 songs per disc.

  8. Cayce may I please ask your recomedation, shall I write my country in english language (which I don't really normal speak) or shall I search how my country is called in japanese?

    1. Just write it in English. That will impress upon Buck-Tick's Japanese management yet again that the fanbase is international.

  9. Now that the voting has ended and that the songs were announced, what do you think about the ones that made it to thr album? And ...Hey Cayce! Hope everything's ok. We miss your posts!!


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