Panic, Updates, and Reminders

Hello, folks. How is the August heat treating you? Here in Tokyo, we're hiding out indoors to escape 37 degree weather and 90% humidity... can't say how much we envy y'all South Americans who get wintertime in the summer!

Anyhow, the announcements from Buck-Tickistan continue apace. The track list for the 30th Anniversary Best Collection has been announced, so if you're curious, check it here. Also, if you're interested in reserving a copy of this item through us in order to get the promo calendar, please contact us asap, as time is running out.

In other news, a special program will air tomorrow at 10PM on NicoNico. If you're not able to watch at this time, make sure you sign up to watch it on Timeshift right away! The program will include a countdown of some music videos and live footage of songs on the best-of collection, as well as presenters reading the Buck-Tick members' responses to a questionnaire about the songs on the best-of collection. Why questionnaires? Because the real band members aren't appearing, folks. Perhaps it's because they're too busy recording their new album, or perhaps they, too, simply feel that it's too hot to go outside, but whatever the excuse, this is certainly another reason to be disappointed in the lack of 30th anniversary celebrations. NicoNico has gotten the Buck-Tick members on air many times before for what were some of the most interesting and memorable video interviews they've given in recent years, and it's a damn shame they won't be appearing this time. Instead, the special guests for the program are a trio of magazine writers who've covered Buck-Tick for magazines such as Ongaku to Hito, Fool's Mate, and Rock & Read: Imai Tomoko, Ookubo Yuka, and Masuda Yuuichi. For what it's worth, we can say that we've personally been out drinking with Imai Tomoko on a few occasions, and she's a smart cookie and very professional. However, if they were going to bother to interview magazine writers, it seems bizarre that they've left out Buck-Tick's number one journalist fan, Kanemitsu Hirofumi, who might as well be Buck-Tickistan's press secretary. Then again, maybe Mr. Kanemitsu has plans to go drinking with all the Buck-Tick members that night in secret, in order to skip being on TV.

In addition to the NicoNico special, another special program will air on August 31st on WOWOW TV, but since it's pay-per-view, it's much harder for overseas fans to watch. Plus, it's just a marathon of all three Climax Together videos, punctuated by a countdown of Best Buck-Tick Music Videos (TM). The band members will not be appearing for an interview. However, a second WOWOW program will air on September 16th, and it looks like the band members may actually be present for real on this one, in between clips of old live footage. Anyone who manages to p*rate this program, please share it with us because we don't have a television and can't be arsed to buy one just to watch WOWOW.


Finally, we'd like to have a talk with y'all about anxiety. Lately, we've been getting a whole slew of emails from readers, many of whom are planning on traveling to Japan to see Buck-Tick, who have given us to know that they are panicking, freaking out, engaging in self-destructive behavior, and extremely concerned that Cayce may not respond to all emails immediately.

Folks, first of all - Cayce's very busy. We love hearing from you, we do. We read all your emails and endeavor to respond to them as quickly as possible. But the volume of email we receive from Blog-Tick readers has increased steadily over the past couple months, as have our IRL work commitments, and sometimes, striking a balance and finding the time to get to everything is difficult (unfortunately, we also have to eat and sleep). If you don't hear from us right away, please do not freak the fuck out. Barring emergency, we WILL get back to you in time to solve your ticket problems. If you feel like sending us a reminder, that's fine. But we assure you, there is no need for panic.

Second of all - yes, we get that traveling to Japan for the first time is a nerve-wracking proposition. However, the fact remains that giving in to blind panic won't help you. Here's what will help you: careful research. On this page, we recommended a number of useful travel-planning resources. If you are feeling anxious, we highly recommend that you allay your anxiety by arming yourself with knowledge! Japan is a clean, safe, efficient country, full of a lot of friendly, helpful people. The number of foreign tourists in Japan has increased drastically in recent years. Services for tourists are getting better, and locals are getting more used to dealing with foreign travelers. You're not the first foreigner to visit Japan. Plenty of people have done it before you. You can handle it, if you plan well. The number one thing that could ruin your visit if you're not careful is lack of sufficient research and planning. We cannot stress this enough. Ladies and gentlemen, do not freak out - READ. The truth will set you free... and so will taking the time to look at a map before you get on the plane!

Third, if you have anxiety problems, we urge you to find positive ways of dealing with them, rather than resorting to self-destructive behavior. Anxiety is normal and everyone experiences it to a degree at times. If you think everyone around you looks chill and like they have their shit together while you're a total mess - that's probably a misperception on your part. Lots of people who appear calm on the surface are hiding all kinds of worries inside. You are certainly not alone in worrying about things, or in feeling socially awkward. Everyone, literally everyone, feels socially awkward sometimes. Why? Because it's tough to live in society. People are judgmental and they don't say what they mean and it can be confusing as hell, but do not, I repeat, do not, allow your superficial sense that other people are doing better than you are to ruin your self-confidence or self-esteem.

It's disturbing how many people these days, especially young people, seem to think that they're alone in struggling with depression, anxiety, social phobia, etc. You're not alone, kids. A lot of people are struggling with the exact same things that you are. Secretly, no one has any idea what the fuck is going on. Fake it till you make it is actually a pretty good strategy a lot of the time. Also, so many people lie about being happy and successful. Almost nobody's life is as great as it may look from the outside. Just look at Mr. Sakurai. He's got beauty, brains, fame, wealth, and an adorable cat... and he still struggles with depression. The things that cause depression run much deeper than superficial achievements.

If you see other people around you achieving more than you're able to, because some days, you're too anxious to go out the door, stop paying attention to those people. You have your own path to walk and your own dragons to fight. And I guarantee that you also have something unique and special to offer the world, that no one else can offer. You just have to find out what it is. Plus, judging people based on their productive output or high achievement status is a profoundly fucked up capitalist neo-liberal way of seeing the world. Take a look at the lyrics to "Only You" one more time. You're the only one of you there will ever be, and that makes you awesome! You don't have to earn your right to be alive. You have inherent worth and dignity and a fundamental right to exist.

So take a deep breath. Sit still for five minutes and look at some flowers. Have a cool drink of water or a cup of tea. Remind yourself that you're still alive and the world is still turning, and fuck yeah, you're going to Japan and you're going to have a blast!

Oh yeah, and turn off your screen for a moment. Stop looking at social media, stop checking your phone. Go for a walk, read a book, cuddle with a pet, take a hot bath, go to the gym, cook a nice meal, chat with a friend or family member face to face. Social media and constantly checking devices is liable to instill anxiety in even the calmest person.  Love yourself and take care of yourself as you would a friend or family member. Be your own best friend. Find ways of reminding yourself that you're not broken and you're not alone. Holding yourself to impossible standards by using social media to compare yourself to models, celebrities, and high school classmates who got famous will not do this for you.

Also, even if your anxiety is at the level of clinical diagnosis and you use medication, that does not mean that simple things like breathing exercises, taking walks outdoors, and chamomile tea won't help. Healthy life habits and compassionate self care are good for everyone, clinical diagnosis or not. Western medicine loves to pretend that drugs are the only thing that can help mental health issues, because drug companies make lots of money that way, but generalized anxiety disorder, panic syndrome, etc. are not "curable" conditions, not in the sense that tuberculosis or strep throat are curable. Mental health issues are chronic. They never go away entirely, but the symptoms can be mitigated through good management. Maybe medication is a part of good management. But taking care of your overall physical and mental health is always a good thing, full stop. You know how you're less likely to catch the flu if you're getting enough sleep every night and not feeling stressed out than you are if you're working crazy hours and using energy drinks to stay awake? Mental health is no different, folks.

Anyhow, one strategy we recommend for dealing with anxiety in the face of new situations such as foreign travel is to organize your worries by writing them down. Rather than sitting there in blind panic listening to a white buzzing in your ears, get out a notebook or your laptop and write down a list of the things that are actually worrying you. For example:

- I'm afraid I'll get lost
- I'm afraid I won't know how to act at the concert
- I'm afraid I won't be able to communicate
- I'm afraid I won't be able to find the right train

Et cetera. Next, find ways of addressing these concerns one by one. Identifying the source of your worries can make them a lot less scary, and making contingency plans can help you feel more in control. In fact, we included a lot of information on Not Greatest Site to help you deal with fears like this, so please go ahead and consult our Japanese Concert Guide and So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick sections. Also, the internet is your friend! There are loads of great sites out there to help you plan your trip to Japan. Google them! If you're an anxious person in general, nothing will take away that anxiety completely, but cool-headed planning can do a lot to lower your overall level of trepidation. If you're freaking out about worst case scenarios, come up with some emergency plans for what you'll do in case the worst occurs. Carry a phrasebook, a toothbrush, a change of underwear, and extra cash yen on you, and you'll be prepared for anything. Just don't forget your towel :)

Finally, if you have specific questions that we haven't answered on Not Greatest Site, please do write to us. If you think there's an issue we haven't properly addressed but should address, let us know. We aim to be helpful. And on that note...






And once again...







Once more, with feeling...

It's physical neurose, oh too blue sky. This is Cayce, signing off.


  1. Cayce, thank you so much for writing this and all your travel advice.
    I won't be going to Japan this year but I still get incredibly anxious, primarily because it will be my first time outside of my country since I was 5 years old.

    Personally, my biggest worry is when it comes time to get everything booked. I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back to Japan so I want to make sure I can see a concert (and not just any random concert going on of course (: ) I'm scared of #11 from the Buying BT Tickets FAQ happening to me!
    But I try to not think about it since I've still got time to let the mass dread of not going to a concert to swallow me alive lol

  2. Wow, I think it's very important that you write about this stuff, be outside of your comfort zone is always stressful but it can lead to wonderful things. I know a lot of people have plans to go to Japan this year to see BT play, and that makes me really happy (specially from South America). I hope to see some foreign fans when I'll go there this December.

    Best regards from cold and rainy South America

  3. That's a seriously great entry, Cayce. Thank you for taking the time to write about this and for the great recommendations and thoughtful comments.

  4. Oh Cayce, I'm definetely going to print your words and paste them on my wall and my notebook. As someone who suffers from endogenous depression is hard to think we can ever feel completely good; there are good days, yes... but wouldn't it be nice if it lasted more than 2 days? it would.
    In relation to the anniversary thingies, I hope they start being more active from September, we are even lacking good anniversay photos: like a newer version of that picture they keep recreating! (this one https://cdn3.comtrya.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/BUCKTICK_1987.jpg )
    Personally, I won't bother to watch the programs live.

    1. I will be by your side :) <3 we can deal with everything together.

  5. Nice one. I was actually wondering all the time if you´re ever going to write something on that topic as it seemed quite relevant for many Buck Tick fans…

    I think I might have some additional advice to give regarding panic attacks:
    1) From what I´ve experienced, the doom loop of panic attacks often starts with the fact that you feel like crap because you´re constantly dependent on others. Then you feel like you´re useless because you can´t do things by yourself and can´t pull yourself together. Being perfectionist and/or an introvert doesn´t help because you´re too afraid of making mistakes.
    And then, because you "know" that you can´t do it yourself you are dependent on others, which makes you believe even more that they do it much better and that you shouldn´t even attempt trying.
    But in fact, it´s absolutely worth trying. Definitely book all the Hotels by yourself on the internet. Speak Japanese and say stupid things your Japanese friends will forever remember. Take the last train on the loop line and realize it will only take you to a station that´s 10km away from your hotel and walk all night to get there. Miss your ferry that you´ve already payed for the day before and think of a plan B. Do all this shlit!
    Do all kinds of stupid mistakes.
    Becasue they might be stupid but at least they are YOUR mistakes. In the end they will have made you a stronger and more confident person :).
    I believe that one of the most important things for getting rid of panic attacks is allowing yourself to make mistakes and getting out of an oppressive environment and oppressive realtionships.

    2)Most people with anxiety hate hearing this, but I daresay it´s true: Do your best to get out of your self-pity mode. There´s nobody who´s willing to help you in the long run if they see you´re not even trying to get back to normal. Also, when others respond to your self-pity, it might give you satisfaction in the short run, but in the long run you will never move forward or continue growing as a person. Climbing out of that pit should be your number 1 goal.

    3) When you feel like a panic attack is approaching, try to make someone count with you in alternate order. So for example you could try to start counting with 1 and your friend continues with 2, then you with 3, then them with 4 etc.
    It helped me eventually (after counting to 400 or so lol) when I was sitting in a crammed plane and started to feel worse.
    4) Yes, panic attacks feel like you´re gonna die. It´s okay to feel like you want nothing and nobody around when you´re experiencing them and it´s "normal" to be depressed for the weeks after they occur. It´s also okay to let it all out and scream and cry like your going insane and it´s ok not to feel like eating for some days.

    But as Cayce said, you´re not alone. There are so many people who suffer from this and they know how you feel. And most importantly, remember you won´t die or get a heart attack from panic attacks and that the state you´re in won´t last forever :).

    Sending lots of love and strength to everyone who suffers from panic attacks and other similar conditions,


  6. I just read this ... And you do not know how much I thank you, it made me feel very good. I every day I deal with social anxiety, I'm afraid of everything. I'm very sensitive and almost anything scares me, almost the whole society I find it very cruel and that is why I am always struggling with melancholy. The mask I use most is happiness and it is so hypocritical of me to leave the door of my house like this. Like Mr. Sakurai, there is no person who does not You can have everything and at the same time have nothing. You do not know how much I want other people to understand what happens in life beyond a person. I appreciate everything you post, your blog is excellent and I am happy days. Best regards ��

  7. During the WOWOW program of the 16th, my mind kept going "oh—PLASTIC SYNDROME". How odd.

  8. Hi Cayce! It has been a while. Were you able to find the WOWOW program with the band members' interview? If not, I can give you a link. :)


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